Top 10 Weirdly Sexualized Fighting Game Characters -

Top 10 Weirdly Sexualized Fighting Game Characters
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These fighters are as sexy as they are dangerous! For this list, we’re looking at characters from fighting games that are sexualized despite how bizarre or deadly they are. Our countdown includes Valentine “Skullgirls” (2012), Nyotengu “Dead or Alive” Series (1996-), Unknown “Tekken” Series (1995-), Android 21 “Dragon Ball FighterZ” (2018), Mileena “Mortal Kombat” Series (1992-) and more! Did you find any of these brawlers strangely attractive? Share your guilt in the comments below.

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  1. Thank you for the reference. Now i will search them in the internet

  2. I thought Chun Li was gonna be number 1, or atleast make the list.

  3. Valentine kicks her opponent's ass, then nurses her back to health – so she can kick it AGAIN.

  4. At least you had the balls to include Voldo over Ivy.

  5. That’s why as a girl I hate most video games. One of the only games I know that has both hot male and female characters is Genshin Impact, which is why there are many female players.

  6. What happens when Mokujin fights Mokujin?

  7. Dude! How do you place Voldo over Ivy??? I swear Ivy is a character that is straight out of the BDSM lifestyle of being a mistress lol. Every taunt she uses sounds like something a mistress in the red light distract would say to you after you are chained down and the nipple clamps are coming out, her outfits are skimpy and leather,and her weapon of choice is a Urumi! A sword that breaks down to be used like a whip? C’mon man you dropped the ball on this one bro. Ivy is clearly 50 Shades of nasty hate sex!!! Lol

  8. Video: "You cant be sexy, a ninja, and a nurse."
    Tsunade: "Helloooooooo."

  9. I mean… I agree with Makoto's but… why not mention bullet which is literally the one she was fighting in that shot? Isn't she one as well?

  10. Alice, Jenny, Nagi from the Bloody Roar series, Ramlethal from Guilty Gear are others I could mention. Good goddess Guilty Gear is weird AF. Friend of mine has been showing me the anime clips. I get lost very quickly @[email protected] So I just dream of Elphelt <3

  11. hmm, ivy from soul calibur? i think she should at least 2nd to mileena. nothing more weirdly sexualized than a woman with big bust and buns half naked wearing high heels, heavy make up, and using a whip as a her chose of weapon… not to mention her fighting style, sadistic dominant and having porn dialogues, lol

  12. Seriously, Leave my Waifu Makoto Nanaya be. She's perfect the way she is.😅

  13. Unknown instead of Anna Williams? Interesting choice.

  14. Seriously used the term " bae"? Are you in high-school?

  15. You missed “Sofia” from Battle Arena Toshinden and her “Bitch-Slap” finishing move.

  16. Here lookjng at the list. Looking for Mai from kjng of fighters

  17. Dead or Alive 5 should called "Bra or Panties" because that is what you will see in every fight.

  18. Okay. Dead or Alive shouldn't even be clipped in this video because sexualized female and even male characters has always been a gimmick since DOA1. It's not weird, it's just how Koei Tecmo develops this game. Also calling Nyotengu or Tengu cruel monsters isn't accurate. Just because one was a boss doesn't mean tengu are evil. In Japanese mythology there are many good and/or neutral beings.

  19. Don't listen to this guy, ladies. You be you. There's nothing wrong with being weird or sexy.

    I mean, seriously, what's wrong with being both a nurse and a ninja? People can have multiple hobbies. It's better then her being a one-dimensional stereotype

  20. Oh, yes. Mileena. I always think about her mouth. What to do with her mouth indeed… I'm both turned on and terrified at the same time.

  21. I'm honestly here 4 tekken series game and not disapointed.

  22. You forgotten one character and that’s ivy from soul caliber 6 or the previous ones

  23. Here's another honorable mention: Jenny the Bat from Bloody Roar. She's basically like Felicia from Darkstalkers but as a vampire bat instead of a cat. 🦇(.)(.)

  24. They forgot to mention mai From the fatal fury

  25. Fighting games: exists
    Furries: it’s free real estate

    Edit: I’m a furry so I can say that😂

  26. Unknown from tekken is not a hot Mokujin, she has their own moveset.

  27. They’re just video games
    Not real life

  28. Never question their design, just know it works. Printing Money for long time.

  29. Where Mai shiranui then??
    Am i the only one who expected that mai will get from the top list??👁👄👁

    Or Shermie perhaps?👁👄👁

  30. Omg is this guy complaining about T&A?????? Someone give him a game with big Ds

  31. I can’t help but notice how you keep trying to avoid what makes the characters over-sexualized with goofy jokes and analogies. I don’t even care.

  32. Outrageous. Someone link me these games so I make sure they’re taken off the internet.

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