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Top 10 Weirdly Sexualized Fighting Game Characters
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These fighters are as sexy as they are dangerous! For this list, we’re looking at characters from fighting games that are sexualized despite how bizarre or deadly they are. Our countdown includes Valentine “Skullgirls” (2012), Nyotengu “Dead or Alive” Series (1996-), Unknown “Tekken” Series (1995-), Android 21 “Dragon Ball FighterZ” (2018), Mileena “Mortal Kombat” Series (1992-) and more! Did you find any of these brawlers strangely attractive? Share your guilt in the comments below.

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  1. The one I find attractive is asuka from Tekken

  2. Try using Google and stop spreading bs. Unknown has her own moveset mainly from old Jin.

  3. I always thought i was awesome with Felicia back in the arcade days. But then i think that the people i aced were just to distracted. She like the pretty girl with a cute face but then you notice the rest of her and are like DDDDDAAAAAMMMMNNN!

  4. You need to understand that GG and BB doesn't go along story very well

  5. Chun Li from street fighter
    Black Orchid from killer instincts
    Ivy from Soul Caliber
    There needs to be another countdown

  6. Well these games are made to sell to incels.. what do u expect?

  7. @#9: Someone never read "Dr. McNinja".
    @#6: Someone never saw "the sword in the stone".

  8. For soul Calibur I would've gone with Ivy

  9. Pretty sure Mileena's allure is something she soes to hide her insecurities due to her monstrous mouth. I believe it was hinted in the original MK timeline.

  10. You know what progressives hate? Freedom. F you.

  11. None of this people can compare to the REAL Sex symbol of the Fighting Game Genre that is ZANGIEF

  12. I'm surprised they didn't list Morrigan Aensland.

  13. What a bunch of shit. Never have anyfhing good to say about anything.

  14. Yup Makoto is definitely on my Waifu List!!!! 😁

  15. I’ve never seen Unknown in a sexual way at all. I probably would’ve replaced her with that chick from Dark Stalkers.

  16. I get confused with the word sexualized and perfection. I think they have same definition

  17. strange character but cool game i guess

  18. 4:00 basically every weeb degenerate ngl (worst part is im one of them)

  19. R34 brings me here, why Youtube why

  20. Weirdly sexualized females contributes 60% of the revenues.

  21. I play these games because women are beautiful and sexy. Don't women play games were men are weirdly specialized but I don't judge them they can play whatever they want so why not me?!!

    If you are sexy and beautiful own it otherwise it's just pathetic.

  22. I watched the Dark Stalkers anime Felica can transform into a cat and even keeps cat like trates in her human form she goes nuts around fish ans milk


  24. Yeah there's a lot where Attracted female fighters in fighting games but my favorite it'll be is favorite ibi chameleon from MK

  25. Very strange that you forgot about Shiranui Mai from DOA and KOF

  26. Really any fighting game all the females are sexualized it’s annoying

  27. You can make a list with only just DoA characters

  28. Check out the 10 Most Annoying Things About Mortal Kombat 11 Online on MojoPlays!

    Did you find any of these brawlers strangely attractive? Share your guilt in the comments below.

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