Top 10 Weirdest Fighting Games Ever -

Top 10 Weirdest Fighting Games Ever
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If you like your fighting games to be extra ridiculous, then these games are for you! For this list, we’re looking at the strangest and most bizarre titles in the fighting game genre. Our countdown includes “Skullgirls” (2012), “Them’s Fightin’ Herds” (2020), “SUPER DRINK BROS.” (2020), “Fight Crab” (2020), “Sausage Legend” (2016) and more! Think you know a brawler more odd than these? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I just show jesus beat up buddha…so that's why god left us huh…

  2. Clayfighter has always been one of my favorite odd fighting games

  3. Wait….no….but that's a….and their slapping each other…..🤣🤯

  4. I watched a lot of top/list videos about games and yet, there's a lot of new for me in this list

  5. For some of the more oldschool game fans: Ragdoll Masters and World Domination Battle are a must try. Although WDB might be tricky now that Flash isn't supported.

  6. super drink bros look like some saint row fighting mascot

  7. you're looking for hololive comment aren't ya shuba?

  8. All I could think of with #2 is GIANT ENEMY CRAB! also I was today years old when I learned Banana is a type of sausage

  9. Does anyone remember Clay Fighters? There's one I played back in 1993 only in arcades where you could cut the arms and legs of your opponent mid fight. It was funny watching a one-armed one leg guy tries to fight. I would love to see a new Twisted Metal game.

  10. Slap City (like Smash Bros.) is actually of the Brawler genre, which has an added emphasis on platforming. Common tropes of Brawlers include more than 2-player capability and items. Two more Brawlers are Onimusha: Blade Warriors and The Powerpuff Girls: Chemical X-traction.

  11. Cryaotic introduced me to Slap City. Such a great game.

  12. Crab fighter reminds me of rag doll kung fu. Forgotten game or not weird enough?

  13. I'm surprised that "waku waku 7" was not on this list.

    all of the fighters and the majority of the game is a parody of something that's already exists.

  14. I'm glad you included Them's Fightin Herds. I hope that game gets more traction. I love the combo system.

  15. This top 10 video brought to you by: Sausage Legends! Hey…..look at that duck

  16. More a party game then fighting game.. but Genital Jousting is pretty fucking weird

  17. I'm surprised that DiveKick didn't get an honorable mention.

  18. Obviously they've never heard of breif karate foolish or blood of patriots

  19. Outside xbox rly did this same list like months ago jus without super drink bros an slap city not finished with the video yet but its good jus sayin
    Oh also without that sword fighting game… sausage fight

  20. I love the Clayfighter games. Another weird fighting game that I liked is DiveKick it's a fighting game with only three controls movement, jumping, and dive-kicking and it's really good and more in-depth with the "simple gameplay" then you realized especially with the Gem mechanic word of advice don't use the YOLO Gem ever, and a great roster of characters including some awesome guest characters like Johnny Gat from the Saints Row franchise.

  21. Super drink bros needs to get mountain dew as a playable character

  22. As soon as I read the title all I could think of was Blue Suede Goo from Clay Fighter… lol

  23. I paused it at 2:46 – if Dong Dong Never Dies is not on this list, you officially make the worst fucking lists on youtube.

  24. You forgot to mention Cho Aniki fighting game for SNES?

  25. Come on! I would have loved to play fight of gods!! I would love to see jesus fight santa or odin! I hate that it got taken off of steam

  26. There is a weird DOS fighting game called Battling Butlers. You can play as a card, a telephone, a spring a clock and even as a friggin' door!

    The game is not good though.

  27. Sausage legend….free to play on your phone….that's all I need to know…

  28. Weirdest fighting game I've played…Groove on Fight

  29. They forgot to mention that skullgirls is also on mobile but when it come beating you beating other people meat up they bring it up being on mobile

  30. Well, marrying your stepsister is actually legal in many countries. It's not like there's a blood relation.

  31. Nope, never heard of any of these other than 2 of the honorable mentions.

  32. The beyblade ds Arena fighters better be on this because those are wild but lowkey fun

  33. These 2 japan only fighting games are not that weird enough. but how about Melty Blood and Akatsuki Blitzkampf/EN-Eins Perfektewelt? and also about Waku Waku 7

  34. Suprised that DreamMix TV World FIghters isn't on this list. I mean, who wouldn't like to see Simon Belmont from Castlevania face off against Optimus Prime from Transformers?

  35. Did anyone notice at 3:50 that is yajuro hanma baki's dad from Baki the grappler

  36. Duck game didn't get a single mention… WHAT THE DUCK!?

  37. Please Make A Video On Best Fighting Game Couples

  38. Why is Skullgirls on the list, that game is awesome!

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