Top 10 Weirdest Fighting Game Characters of all time -

Top 10 Weirdest Fighting Game Characters of all time

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Its been a while, so how about a top 10 list! These are the Top 10 weirdest and craziest fighting game characters of all time! Fighting games are no stranger to weird and off beat characters for sure, but these guys take the cake! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Instead of saying "Destroyed" Elphelt's finisher should read "Married"

  2. You need to do second list of weird fighting game characters. Hyena from KOF Maximum Impact series would have been hilarious to talk on about. He's a joke character himself, but has a decent moveset. His strongest Super is him pretending to die and lose all his health to psyche out the opponent, and then he gets an evil glint in his eyes, revives, and kicks the snot out of his opponent. Truly a weird yet fearsome fighting game character.

  3. Other fighters: we need to make countless waifu fighter characters to sell
    Akatsuki: "TANK"

  4. While JoJo is a low hanging fruit, I feel like there's a missed opportunity not including Petshop. "You are playing as a bird with ice powers thats been banned from everything because it doesn't realize this isn't one of the touhou fighters" would probably make most people do a double take.

  5. I would recommend taking a look at Holeman from Slap Happy Rhythm Busters.
    Also, most to the characters from the Goketsuji Clan/Power Instinct series.
    Oh, also Mauru & Migi from Waku Waku 7; also Fernandez; and Bonus-kun form Galaxy Fight and Waku 7.
    snaps Mondu from Tongue of the Fatman
    Kira Daidouji and Eko form the Arcana Heart series.
    You should also look into Arm Joe.
    There was that one character that was a Japanese comedian in one of the Marvel vs. Capcom games that I think was replaced by Vega (matador) in the West.

  6. Surprised you didn't mention that Q-Bee's eyes aren't her eyes. Her face is a fake one that's meant to mimic a human woman. Her actual eyes are the things that look like a accessory above her 'face'

  7. anybody know witch fighting game the chinese warrior looking anime girl is from ?

  8. Dr. bosconovitch would easily make my top ten list.

  9. I feel like if Capcom pulled the Fat Mega Man joke nowadays, it would be a lot more well received. It really was just bad timing. Hell, I was one of the people upset by it, and I'd love to see Fat Mega Man make another apperance someday!

  10. I'm sad that Zappa isn't on the list but I can accept Bed Man as the Guilty Gear representative.

  11. Hakkan is great, second best new character in SF4

  12. Necro and Oro threw me off…..
    But Waiku Waiku 7 or whatever that game is called takes the damn cake…..

  13. Torao from Daraku Tenshi is pretty weird, Roche, too.

  14. This could be at least a ten part series, if not simply an ongoing one👍

  15. How can you forget zappa……

  16. Haven't watched this yet but Kusaregedo better be on here.

  17. I'm surprised you didn't mention the musical inspiration for Elphelt's design. Her aesthetic is literally guns and roses.

  18. I thought Choi would be on the list. Afterall, he's a freaking Freddy Krueger elf in a taekwondo gi!

  19. Except Voldo, you could honestly add some Skullgirls characters like Peacock.

  20. In Mace the Dark Age you can play as Pojo, who is a chicken
    Not a super chicken, just a regular old hen

  21. I can't believe no one from Skullgirls made the list especially from the second one there's some odd characters in that game great video be safe and keep up the good work

  22. When you said that bad box art mega man is the best version, you hit a switch in me, now I'm in rage mode

  23. Im dissapointed there was no killer instinct character on the list

  24. fun fact qbees eyes are on her head not face.

  25. Kakurine Evil Zone. In the selection screen you can change her to saying your tasty when you select her. She 10,000 years old trolls enemies like a child would and her finisher is she bites you. She not even a vampire or life drainer just a sorceress that is playful and twisted in many ways.

  26. Mi rare characters list is alice from rage of the dragons, mambou from big bang beat, the other alice from asura blade, eko from arcana heart, gray and enya from jojos, amingo and jill, bb bonnie hood, amingo, norimaro and jill from mvc., hauzer from red earth.

  27. Dang. I came here expecting "ball is life" girl and was disappointed.

  28. Guilty Gear, Skullgirls and Darkstalkers would deserve separate videos.

  29. I thought Voldo will be in this video.

  30. Voldo from Soul Calibur feels like a requirement for this list. His stance is literally him moon walking in place with air humping. His gimpy attire and the way he fights is also nothing short of weird.

  31. I wanted to make a few honorable mentions.

    Princess Sissy from the SNK game Matrimelee, Fause from Guilty Gear and Kysaregedo from Samurai Shodown V.

  32. I come here to see if arakune is here, but nope.

  33. Bro, no Zappa? That far slash alone where he grows a face on his back that throws up on the opponent is enough to make him a top tier weirdo

  34. hold up, do Russians even do Sumo? (Google searches.) Well I'll be damned XDXDXDXDXDXDXD

  35. That opening intro…Top Hat British man?

  36. Regarding Mokap those aren't lights they a spherical retro-reflectors, they are used to make sure the software knows where to rig the bones for a model, which is also why they are placed on all of the actors joints as 3D animation software when moccapping prefers looking at the difference between 2 points to obtain the global position of the bone using, every 3D animators favourite thing, triangulation

  37. Someone please tell me the game name fighter have weapon called nan-chaku in hand and he say like
    "ha ha hu heaya" this plz help me

  38. Damn I was kinda worried there for a second with the thumbnail he was gonna make fun of Elphelt in Strive for enjoying pretending to be a dog. God forbid a woman have hobbies she's literally just being herself.

  39. Hey its been a while since we had a top 10 list on the channel so lets make it a fun one! Fighting games moreso than perhaps any other genre of gaming are full of weird characters and oddballs for sure, but some are pretty next level. So here is my pick of a top 10 of the weirdest fighting game characters ever! Naturally everyone will have their own picks so feel free to post them in the comments as well! If you found this video fun or educational maybe leave a like!

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