Top 10 Super Nintendo Fighting Games -

Top 10 Super Nintendo Fighting Games

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Join Tim from Haruokay as he takes us through his Top 10 Fighting Games on the SNES!


  1. cough MK2 cough shaq fu cough original fatal fury and or world heroes….man need to get this cough checked

  2. I heavily disagreed on Samurai Showdown being on the list. Sure, for the SNES its a fighter but that game is riddled with flaws!

    The Genesis version is, by far, the superior version.

    Other than that, great video overall.

  3. Sad to not see Saturday Night Slam Masters on here. Oh and BTW the Ninja Megazord appears atbthe very end of MMPR TM SNES. You don't play as him however he's just there for a cutscene.

  4. At 1:44 I couldn't help but just out into
    Annie are you ok
    Are you ok
    Are you ok Annie
    You've been struck by a smooth criminal

  5. If you can repeat Street Fighter game more than once, then Mortal Kombat 2 should had been also picked in this top 10

  6. Great job,Great list,Snes :The best Console ever made

  7. i would have added in world heroes or world heroes 2 instead of having street fighter take up two spots on the list but your pick are great games oh and i loved ranma 1/2 hard battle and super battle as well

  8. Why TMNT Tournament Fighters is so underrated ? This is so awesome, one the best soundtracks i ever see in a game, gameplay is 10/10, sound effects is fantastic, funny a lot. A masterpiece for few

  9. My top five
    1- Street Fighter 2
    2- Mortal Kombat 2
    3- TMNT Tournament Fighters
    4- Killer Instinct
    5- Mortal Kombat 3

  10. Mk3 snd Instinct. But we always ended up putting Mk 3 back in for are final up all nights

  11. First Top 10 List I've ever completely agreed with.

  12. Super Nintendo sucked. Only good fighting game they had was killer instinct. SEGA was ten times better. Games ported to Super Nintendo was trash.

  13. Primal Rage, Clay Fighters and Tough-E-Nuff

  14. Why would you not put ultimate mk3 in there? Seriously! Wtf?

  15. Never understood why they chose Hyperfighting Street Fighter 2 over Super SF2 for the SNES Classic. Thankfully, I can hack it to play. I was totally shock about UMK3 since I thought that game has EVERYTHING. Well, I guess it's back to finding MK3 for my SNES Classic. FLAWLESS VICTORY!!

  16. Killer Instinct should have been No.1… Super Street fighter is slow and boring with no actual combos, a fighting game with no combos sucks. I liked MK just as much but KI sticks out more because of the combo breakers and cuz i said so.

  17. 4:20 thats Ryo from Art of fighting game his nemesis is Mr. KARATE

  18. I just bought all these games because of you.

  19. I'm 2 mins in and you're calling out Weapon Lord as #9. All I can say is that your other 8 had better be AMAZING because I can't think of many fighters from this era, let alone the SNES, that were better than this.

  20. MK III over MK II for the #2 spot? I'm sorry, but what?

  21. Never call it snes it is s.n.e.s Was good video. But that is blasphemy

  22. 5:56– From Archie Comics?
    14:05– Heh. 😄
    I heard Mortal Kombat 3 was one of the worst entries.

  23. The best fighting game for SNES is Best Of The Best. As martial artist/actor Ron Yuan stated in a 1994 interview: "I know a lot of pure gamers will disagree, but the best SNES fighting game from a purely technical martial arts point of view is Best of the Best. It didn't get much notoriety, but my friends and I know martial arts, and they go nuts whenever we play."

  24. Power instinct killer instinct ultra instinct

  25. Nice video but Street Fighter 2 Turbo and MK2 are better than their sequels due to animation, music and gameplay. ✌🏻

  26. White native american looks like Emilio Estevez.

  27. HARUOKAY? I see what you did there, SUBSCRIBED

  28. Great list! Personally though I'd take MK2 over MK3 on SNES, and also SF2 Turbo over Super SF2 but that's just me.

  29. No Mortal Kombat game should on any top fighting game list. The Mortal Kombat games had some of the worst fighting game mechanics in history. The series is a joke.

  30. good list. I especially agree with Weaponlord. that game gets overlooked so much, but is such a good game.
    MMPR fighting edition was also a pretty good game on the snes too, but not listed here.

  31. TOP 5 SNES Fighting games are:
    1) Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
    2) Killer Instinct
    3) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Tournament Fighters
    4) Super Street Fighter 2
    5) Mortal Kombat 2

    Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 & Killer Instinct had the best combos.

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