Top 10 Super Nintendo Fighting Games -

Top 10 Super Nintendo Fighting Games

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Join Tim from Haruokay as he takes us through his Top 10 Fighting Games on the SNES!


  1. good list but the numbering is definitely off. street fighter alpha by far is better than the game that spawned it

  2. MK 2 is missing. This is the biggest fighting game of its age.

  3. You are bad to me…yo really cant let out the mk1 and of course the best snes fighting game ever exist MK2…this video seems a joke

  4. Flawless video, SNES Best Console ever made period

  5. To that point about Ultimate MK3 with quite a few compromises is so true, I thought it was just me not being able to live with the fact there's absolutely NO announcer…everything else i got over quick but not to have the ANNOUNCER!?!?
    no Round 1 fight?? BOOOOOO!!!!

  6. World Heroes 2 should be on this list… and to put Power rangers Higher over Samurai Showdown and Fatal Fury Special is a downright CRIME!! lmaoo.. just my opinion

  7. is there a top best snes fighting games like super double dragon?

  8. I was pissssssed when I played SamShow on SNES and saw how small the sprites were. that kind of thing is fine for downporting to a hand held but not to a console like that.

  9. lol used CDI games. I don’t know anything about it. My local shop had a huge CDI collection for 749.99 on sale (25% off lol) Seemed kind of a lot for an obscure thing.

  10. KEITH!?!?!? I am getting and mastering that fighting game. that is my name, that must be my game.

  11. Best fighting game on SNES is street fighter II turbo hands down.

  12. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Duel is the dopest fighter on SNES

  13. I was about to say, if power ranger fighting Edition wasn't in the list, this video shouldn't exist… That game was AWESOME great animation, Music and sound fx

  14. First of all, T.Hawk is awesome. In the hands of a master, that character is downright frightening in SSF2. Second, I'd say TMNT Tournament Fighters deserves to be higher on this, top 3 imo behind MK2 and SSF2. Also, no MK2 is a travesty. Also, World Heroes 2 on SNES plays better than the NeoGeo version and is excellent overall.

  15. Weaponlord 🙌🏻 I was obsessed with that game as a child. However, I never beat the final boss 😔 that game was crazy hard for me at the time.

  16. i always loved tuff E nuff on the snes .. have you ever played that ?

  17. I agree with this list. It's pretty diverse so that's great, in my opinion.
    my personal top 20
    20.- Ranma 1/2
    19.- Primal Rage
    18.- World Heroes 2
    17.- TMNT: Tournament Fighters
    16.- Fighter's History
    15.- Mortal Kombat
    14.- Street Fighter II
    13.- Power Instinct
    12.- Street Fighter II' Turbo
    11.- MMPower Rangers: The Fighting Game
    10.- Justice League Task Force
    09.- Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
    08.- Samurai Shodown
    07.- Mortal Kombat 3
    06.- Fatal Fury Special
    05.- Mortal Kombat II
    04.- Street Fighter Alpha 2
    03.- Killer Instinct
    02.- Fatal Fury 2
    01.- SUPER Street Fighter II


  18. Thanks for mentioning the great game TMNT Tournament Fighters! As a huge TMNT fan I had a blast learning many different characters. Along with Donatello, War and Wingnut were unlikely favorites!

  19. Power Rangers Fighting Edition was one if my favorite.

  20. Yu Yu Hakusho Final should absolutely be in this list.

  21. Awesome list….Mk2 > mk3 on snes
    Snes best console ever made

  22. Tmnt tournament fighter should of been a arcade cabinet back in tha day, that would of been lit and close to popularity of streetfighter 2🔥🔥🔥

  23. I collect all fighting game in my 25 years of life.. I think i have all of them already.. And fighting game never old

  24. On the first game you lost the opportunity to make a joke with Annie and the name of your channel.

  25. I cannot agree with this list in many respects, but mainly because the versions of Samurai Shodown, MK3, and Super Streetfighter 2 were abysmal compared to their arcade versions, or alternative ports. Samurai Shodown was the most disappointing for Super Nintendo, and that and Super SFII were far superior on 3DO, but the Playstation is where to go for MK3 and Samurai Shodown.

    I do not fault the other selections on this list, especially Killer Instinct, but for the SNES and its limited yet exceptional capacity, MK2, SF2 Turbo, Fatal Fury 2, those versions are better than the ones on this list. Also, Art of Fighting and World Heroes 2 had SNES versions that were a lot closer to their original versions than these, and the gameplay and music on those was not so bastardized, even improved a little, on SNES. Cute list, though.

  26. I like SF2 Turbo much more than SSF2 – the Flur New Fighters are weak and broken – and, just listen to the Sound-Differences. The bone-cracking, powerful SFX are gone and the Music sounds thin and empty… A good Game, but Turbo is better imO…

  27. …and where is MK2? The SNES-Port is my favourite Port!

  28. Sega's version of samurai showdown is much better however world heroes snes rocks!!!

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