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Top 10 Scariest Fighting Game Bosses
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These scary bosses made finshing the fight a lot more tense. For this list, we’re looking at fighting game bosses that are downright terrifying in their moveset and appearance. Our countdown includes Shao Kahn from “Mortal Kombat” (2011), Verse from “King of Fighters XIV” (2016), Gargo from the “Killer Instinct” series (1994-2013), Lady Shizuka from “Samurai Shodown” (2019), and more! Did any of these guys turn you into a deer in headlights? Is there a boss we forgot? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Well, speaking of Tekken, I did not scared of Azazel. However, if you talked about Jinpachi, that is another story for me.

  2. Baraka would’ve been better for the mortal kombat entry

  3. Any casual player that says the final campaign fight against Shao Khan in MK9 was easy is a liar

  4. Alternative title: Top 10 Unbeatable Fighting Game Bosses

  5. Hard mode galeem and dharkon was hard . Imagine world of light have intense mode just like subspace emissary. If you take a look the choosing difficulty for world of light you can see a wide open spot missing, maybe a hint that intense will get added in world of light for future update.

  6. Verse is basically a less disgusting version of the Saudi crown prince, who bought half of SNK.

  7. Just seeing Parace La'Sia gave me horrifying flashbacks.

  8. Did any of you fight omega flowey. he's pure hell.

  9. Narrator is over-the-top, but I prefer him more than Ty.

  10. Street Fighter 3rd Strike , thinking u just beat him and he gets his life back.

  11. 3. HATE THIS DUO BOSSES! HATE "WORLD OF LIGHT" AS IT'S THE WORST ADVENTURE MODE EVER EXISTED IN SUPER SMASH BROS HISTORY! I am done with everything of Single Mode(Except Online Challenges which due to the shittyness of Switch Online Services, it is considered impossible) thus I'll never do those things ever again. We all know that Smash Bros is more about multiplayer than anything else.

  12. I'm MK over SF but a little shocked that Seth, M. Bison, or Akuma isn't on here.

  13. Wait I’m confused you mean scary as scary looking or scary as their skills in fighting is disgustingly scary

  14. Putting Azazel instead of Jinpachi from Tekken 5 and Verse instead of alien Magaki from KOF XI is really a joke

  15. I appreciate smash bros making it in the list, but I didn't expect galeem and dharkon to be the scariest. It should've be Marx from ultimate or giga bowser from melee

  16. Yeah Parace L’Sia is such a cheap boss I had like 21 tries to finally beat her

  17. They should have put capcom Vs Snk svc mr karate and Shin Akuma

  18. Of course KOF and SF bosses are not on this list.

  19. You want scary, play every old SNK fighting games on hardest difficulty (level 8).

  20. I'm sorry but number 3 and 4 can't even hold a candle for ma boi Geese Howard, man a fucking psycho, his face alone can send chills and not in a good way

  21. This has nothing to do with anything but whoever's playing as Kyo in the first clip must Git Gud it hurts to watch them play 🥺😿😿😿😿😿😿

  22. Let's be honest and real with each other MK9 Shao Kahn is the hardest and scariest Boss in the Mortal Kombat franchise.

  23. Excluding Smash Ultimate I've DESTROYED ALL of these Bosses (some of em even on 1st try) when i played they're said games they were in. Parace has a LONG HISTORY of why she's the most Busted Anime Boss Ever & she PROVES THAT 2 Boot. Marie 300% is nothing more then a Floating Punching Bag. While Verse was what was called a Dark Souls Boss LeftOver. o-o

  24. Why variety channels like WatchMojo always have, at least, one narrator that is the "comedian"? All the stupid and unfunny jokes, the forced voice changes and just saying something "funny" every 2 seconds makes this video unbearable to watch, honestly… If you are not a funny person, don't try to be one, is that simple!

  25. You really should have put Marruka from Thrill Kill on this list as she’s the organizer and one who allows the fighters to kill their opponents…just because she thinks it’s fun.
    Also, other than Parace needing to be hire, when you do defeat her, you knock her into the spirit world, essentially killing her. Unlike Mildred, Fiona, and Angelia who arise or exist on that plane or arise to it, Parace isn’t welcomed into it. She also becomes an Arcana for an essential false being to further get the point across.
    You also forgot Onaga from MK…he was Shao Kahn’s master and a hell of a lot more formidable.

  26. the Arcana Heart game is sooo unfair… i always get distracted… 🙁

  27. Define "scary" cuz I fought numerous scarier bosses

  28. What about Seth from Street fighter IV on the hardest difficulty he kept finishing me off with Zangief's piledriver

  29. Why isn't The General from Kaiser Knuckle not on here?? He is the pinnacle of insanely cheap bosses.

  30. I’m disappointed that Azazel from tekken 6 was chosen and not Jinpachi Mishima from tekken 5

  31. At first I had True Orge picked, but Azazel takes the cake for sure!

  32. Mortaro from UMK3 was harder than Shao Kahn due to all ur projectiles being reflected back at u

  33. Nancy was Harder than Azazel due to u having ONLY one chance to fight it,.if u lose you'll have to restart arcade mode again,then work ur way up to the giant mecha again

  34. When I saw verse the first thing I thought was "this gent will be cheap"

  35. I'm surprised you guy's didn't put Devil Jinpachi Mishima from Tekken 5 on this list.

  36. 4:04 "Fighting a boss while everything is on fire"

    Sounds like Shin Akuma & Ultimate Rugal from Capcom vs SNK 2

  37. Azazel from Tekken 6 the scariest boss? What about Jinpachi from Tekken 5???

  38. Yeah inferno from soul calibur isn't nothing compared to Night Terror. He doesn't just have wings for show, you try to ring him out and he's like NOPE you gonna fight me to the end. Dude just flies back in defying the rules of SC😬

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