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Top 10 Scariest Fighting Game Bosses
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These scary bosses made finshing the fight a lot more tense. For this list, we’re looking at fighting game bosses that are downright terrifying in their moveset and appearance. Our countdown includes Shao Kahn from “Mortal Kombat” (2011), Verse from “King of Fighters XIV” (2016), Gargo from the “Killer Instinct” series (1994-2013), Lady Shizuka from “Samurai Shodown” (2019), and more! Did any of these guys turn you into a deer in headlights? Is there a boss we forgot? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Azazel was a total nightmare for me. But you have to admit, he does have a badass boss theme right?

  2. Man the disrespect for Shao Kahn…. he's never been easy to beat idk what your talking about… (not including 11)

  3. How About Onslaught from Marvel Vs. Capcom series.
    That huge animation taking up majority of the screen making your character look like a ant to it it's very intimidating to play against at first. Onslaught should have definitely got at least honorable mention on this list.

  4. Dharkon and Galeem are even worse if you fight them without spirits.

  5. Nancy is a tougher boss from Tekken 6. But it's not the main boss, I would like to see a top 10 on mini bosses

  6. Tekken 2 Devil is the hardest boss fight in Tekken history and, to be honest, T5 and DR Jinpachi is a much harder boss fight than Azazel. Azazel is easy as you just have to know counter hitting well

  7. Reboot Gargos is one of the most powerful and hardest boss in gaming!

  8. Wait galeem and darkhon um I'm sorry have you seen master cores different forms

  9. Azazel was the easiest Character to beat in Tekken.

  10. A giant hulking Space Crystal Dragon from Space… he may be big as Ridley but even though he's wingless, he's a still a force to be reckoned with but I don't think he's putting Ridley to shame.

  11. Gill from Street Fighter Third Strike while not scary he’s incredibly cheap

  12. I SSF II akuma and Jinpachi should have been added to this list. Azazel had nothing on them imo

  13. Tekken 2 devil should of been on this list especially which his iconic theme when he makes his entrance

  14. I hate Azazel so much lol. So many bad memories

  15. You guys must not play a lot of fighting games or really suck because your choices are a f**** joke

  16. Let me mention Shin M. Bison Street Fighter Alpha 3 max omg just look it up

  17. when it comes to absolute nightmare fuel, the scariest fighting game bosses are tabuu and master core from smash bros

  18. Gargos is a bitch, complete pushover. Just dont let him zone you.

  19. I honestly thought Akuma from Street Fighter would be on this list

  20. Oh shit…. I was gonna say Azazel if he was on the list already

  21. MKs Sub Bosses were always more scary than the actual bosses.

    Goro, Kintaro, Motaro in the OG MK trilogy.

  22. Verse is one of the weaker KOF bosses. I would personally would have put either demon form Saiki from XIII or Magaki from XI in his spot. Also Azazel is far less of a problem compared to vanilla Tekken 5 Jinpachi, NANCY-MI1847J from Tekken 6 and Unknown in Tekken Tag 2. Do agree on Parace L'sia though…my fingers have PTSD from that fight especially because I main Lilica who is the definition of glass cannon.

  23. Of all of the Boss battles in video games, Shao Khan always gave me panic attacks.

  24. Yeah I would have taken night terror from soulcalibur 3 over inferno… tsk tsk tsk

  25. After learning that Shin Akuma would turn into Oni, I learned to fear him in street fighter he appears in 😱

  26. Excuse me but I thought Count Dracula is the final boss in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. And besides you forgot honor mentions for example Izanami/Saya from BlazBlue.

  27. more like Top 10 hardest Fighting Game Bosses

  28. I beet Galeem and Dharkhon on my first try

  29. Number ten: SNK Boss Syndrome

    Number nine: Him and Eyedol I swear.

    Number eight: Should've been Night Terror. He was way scarier and harder to beat.

    Number seven: God the camera angle. Gave me a headache.

    Number six: Good god this battle.

    Number five: KHAN!!!!!!!

    Number four: One, she should've been number one because her combos were crazy as heck. Two, my god this was a tough battle. Props to The Quater Guy for managing to beat this boss. If Maximilian Dood fought this boss, I think he'll lose his mind in a matter of minutes. IDK.

    Number three: Tried it three times and then I was done with this boss.

    Number two: At this point, I think Nintendo is not supposed to be for kids.

    Number one: NEVER AGAIN!!!

    Honorable or Dishonorable mentions:

    Unlimited Hazama from Blazblue: Good grief that shield is something.

    Night Terror from Soul Calibur Three: Giving Nightmare the ability to fly as well as firing lasers. Just why Namco.

    Shadow Mewtwo from Pokken Tournament: As if Mewtwo is already strong enough as it is. How about giving him a Shadow form and Synergy Burst.

    Eyedol From Killer Instinct: Stop regaining health and breaking my combos.

    Abyss From Marvel vs Capcom 2: Good god. Why do you have to look scarier?

  30. I refuse to digress that number 1 is amazed. The number one should've been general from kaiser knuckle.

  31. Gill from SF3. Him and his damaging hits and his RESURRECTION!!

  32. I’m still struggling with Galeem and dharkon.😤

  33. I'm still disappointed that Killer Instinct is only a Xbox game

  34. I'm guessing these are the hardest to fight, not actually scary

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