Top 10 NEW CO-OP Games of 2020 -

Top 10 NEW CO-OP Games of 2020

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Looking for a good co op game to play in 2020? We’ve got you covered with these games for PC, PS5, Series X, PS4, XB1, and Switch.
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#10 Hellpoint


Release Date: July 30, 2020

#9 Minecraft Dungeons


Release Date: May 26, 2020

#8 Battletoads

Platform: PC XBOX ONE

Release Date: August 20, 2020

#7 SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated


Release Date: June 23, 2020

#6 Watch Dogs Legion

Platform: PC PS4 PS5 XBOX ONE STADIA Xbox Series X

Release Date: 29 October 2020

#5 Baldur’s Gate 3

Platform: PC

Release Date: Q4 2020

#4 Outriders

Platform: PC PS4 PS5 XBOX ONE STADIA Xbox Series X

Release Date: Q4 2020

#3 Star Wars: Squadrons

Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE

Release Date: October 3, 2020

#2 Marvel’s Avengers

Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE STADIA September 4, 2020

Release Date: PS5 Xbox Series X Q4 2020

#1 Grounded

Platform: PC XBOX ONE

Release Date: July 28, 2020


Gunfire Reborn

Platform: PC

Release Date: 23 May, 2020


Platform: PC PS5

Release Date: Late 2020


  1. My leptop in 4gb ram and bad sistım :(((( not playing games but thanks

  2. first thing i notice why the fuck is he holding the controller like that

  3. Baldur's Gate 3 is amazing, even in early access. Still working out the bugs obviously, but their team stays on top of it. Love that they listen to our suggestions to make frequent improvements. Really excited to see where it goes from here.

  4. At the moment im more into co op games than boring 5vs5 games
    Last time i played splinter cell chaos theroy co op and i felt this genre again

  5. The battle for bikini bottom co-op is so boring imo, definitely not worth buying for just that.

  6. if these would be the best co op games, I'm happy to have no friends. -1

  7. This guy very clearly never played Baldur's Gate series if he thinks Baldur's Gate 3 gameplay is similar to the other ones. It's not even close to similar, Turn-based instead of RTWP, different engine completely head-to-toe and a different ruleset (D&D 5 vs. Advanced D&D aka 2.0)…

    BG3 is a huge disappointment

  8. Did anyone else notice in the beginning lf the video how the guy on the right was using his controller? WTF.

  9. Squadrons sucks as a “co op” game. No replay ability at all…

  10. Imagine making a list of best coop games and then openly admitting you didn't personally play nearly any of the games on the list but it "looks like fun!"

  11. Imagine if Watch Dogs Legion actually had co-op? Wouldn't that be something?

  12. Are these all games you can play multiplayer in person?

  13. Square Ehnix…. That pronounciating you know this is a poop video

  14. I’ve always wanted “dual play” to come back from BO2. It was such a smart idea and fixed the problem with couch co-op with competitive games for example COD

  15. "top 10 new co op games………….. by the way i haven't played all of them"

    what the fuck is the point of this?

  16. what's the game shown in the thumbnail for this video?

  17. I'm a big fan of this quick no-bullshit kinda review. Good job!

  18. YOU SHARK 10 GAMING / يوسف شرقاوي says:

    Can you give free co_op games plz

  19. This list feels like it came out in 2010 somehow, not sure how you pulled that off.

  20. Mention a CO OP story mode game online multiplayer , Which can be played with my friend is in next city

  21. I play on Nintendo and my brother plays on PS 4 and we're trying to find a fun game to play that is 2 players

  22. Wow only on 6 and we have 2 games hated by the public that paid to be here I'm out

  23. my best friend only likes to play cod and literally hates every other game. its annoying as hell

  24. Love Battle for Bikini Bottom, but can’t believe it made this list. Lmao 5 minutes into coop and you realize it was a complete afterthought

  25. One game I recommend is a way out for ps4 and Xbox I think it’s a really fun game to play

  26. I would have put a way out somewhere in here tbh

  27. This should be titled "Worst 10 NEW Co-op games of 2020".

  28. Man i wish thwre was anthor story game like a way out with guns and a good story

  29. Now you have Valheim, the best Coop in this era

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