Top 10 Modern Fighting Games -

Top 10 Modern Fighting Games

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In the year 2008, fighting games had a resurgance that brought the genre into a new age. These are the best fighting games of the modern era!

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  1. When he was talking about killer instinct, al I could say was,” yes yes yess yesss YES YES YES uh huh, OF COURSE IT IS”

  2. Ninja Scroll fighting game needs to be done!

  3. No blazblue??? WTF
    Hey Tekken 7 is in 2nd place I'm happy it was on the list it's honestly a underrated game

  4. I was soo glad to see skullgirls in these tbh😊😊
    I'm surprised no Soul Calibre.
    Whoa whoa whoa… no Blazblue games?

    Oh right

  5. Tekken7 and Streetfighter V arcade and Soul Caliber in that order !!!

  6. I'm just glad Tekken made the list!
    I was soo glad to see skullgirls in these tbh😊😊

  7. I wouldn't categorize Smash Bros as a fighting game

  8. I want to face your Greninja with my Greninja on smash ultimate I CHALLENGE YOU SA NERVOUS NICK

  9. Where are Blazblue and Under night in birth?

  10. i cannot ever execute any super moves or specials in any of those fighting games. is there like, a specific tutorial i have to go through to ever learn how to do it or how is this ever done? its killing me and its ruining my experience with fighting games because its so difficult. how do you people learn this, tell me the secret!?

  11. Im so glad Killer instinc made the list. This game is too much underrated

  12. In the West. Fighting games would have died out in the West if not for SF4. Fighting games have always been popular in Japan. There are tons of fighting games in Japan.

  13. Fighters doesn't have Any good game moods it's only online why it's not better than nethertealm even if metherealm games input is wack asf

  14. Dragonball FighterZ deserves the no1 spot! Dont @ me!

  15. VF 5 Final Shoudown? O. K., just me it seems.

  16. What song is the beat at the end of the video from?

  17. Killer Instinct is definitely my favourite fighting game of all time. It’s absolutely phenomenal!

  18. list is weird,.. missing some huge fighters liek Soul Calb0ri

  19. Good list but it’s missing soulcalibur and Blazblue.

  20. Man why didn't persona 4 arena ultimax made this list

  21. I would sooooo main tinky winky if that was a thing.

  22. street fighter 3rd strike is best street fighter game 👌👌

  23. What the name of the theme they playing for gulity gear?

  24. "Remember when Cloud was revealed? How mindblowing was that?!"
    Oh, he had NO idea what Ultimate had in store…

  25. Negan in tekken
    Me: ohh boy this is gonna be brutual and a lot of profanity. Of course its negan.

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