Top 10 Greatest Mobile Fighting Games -

Top 10 Greatest Mobile Fighting Games
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These games are great, but they’ve got nothing on The Greatest Fighting Game of All Time –

These games let you satisfy your urge to kick butt on the go! For this list, we’re counting down the 10 best mobile fighting games available today. Our countdown includes “Mortal Kombat X Mobile” (2015), “Final Fighter” (2019), “Dragon Ball Legends” (2018) and more! Did YOUR favorite mobile fighting game make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I tried Skullgirls and my goodness it’s addictive, I would highly recommend for any fighter

  2. him: montion Skullgirls
    skullgirls fan: WHO SUMMONED US

  3. What about vita fighter I’m sure that’s the type of fighting we all want smooth controls yes, crazy combos yes, and can be play with an controller

  4. #4 Fignal fighter – it's not bad – i like when sexy girls fights 😉😊👍👍👍

  5. What the…
    I think you've never heard about injustice 2.

  6. Where is Shadow fight 2 😡😡😡😡😡

  7. If you came for fighting games Vita Fighter And Metal Revolution(Soon to come out) Are some really good choices that have controller support and follow the traditional fighter route

  8. Worst list of games…. Games like Shadow Fight 2, Shadow Fight 3, Injustic 1, Injustic 2, WWE Immortals etc are not in the list and crap graphic game like Footsies is in number 3 spot.

  9. What the fk man ..Where is shadow fight 3 and arena…tum bas logo ka chutiya kaato..

  10. Zero quality game. Sucks that mobile games are never serious.

  11. Why no tekken games i highly disagree this list

  12. Hey!! Where is shadow fight 3 and shadow fight arena!! They are the best fighting games around! I don't understand how could you even miss them!

  13. Worst list shadow fight 2 ,3,4

  14. Come here if u want to knw what to avoid that's all this channel is for.

  15. I still think mk mobile should be in top three and you didn't even show diamond characters


  17. What about vita fighter tho that game is good

  18. Mortal Kombat isn’t multi player you just playing against a CPU 🤷🏾‍♂️

  19. i think one of the best fightings on mobiles is shadow fight 2.

  20. You put mortal kombat ….. I'm satisfied

  21. You should've put Real Steel WRB 1 on here

  22. YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!SKULLGIRLS MADE IT IN TO THE LIST!!!I got so addicted to the game immediately when I realized that you do combos and get multiple color palletes that also reference other characters and best of all they also have their special abilities!!!!!

  23. Honestly , I Came Here For Shadow Fight 3 😭

  24. Final Fighter was a heck of a fun and addictive game. Played it everyday till they ditched the game

  25. You the list is inaccurate when they don't include Shadow Fight

  26. Where is shadow fight 2 and 3 ,metal revolution

  27. I love King of Fighters All Star.

    I just wish people would stop badmouthing it, and I wish NM would make collaborations full time.

  28. Dragon ball legends is still popular today

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