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Top 10 Fighting Games

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With the added challenge of only including one entry per series, here’s our list of the top 10 fighting games of all time.

With the excitement of Evo 2022 behind us, we wanted to take a look at fighting game history and form a collection of the 10 best fighting games. From SFV to Guilty Gear, Mortal Kombat, and DBFZ, and even more recent ones like DNF Duel, Melty Blood Type Lumina, and KOF 15, there were tons of games to consider.

A note about our criteria: we’ve excluded platform fighters such as the Smash Bros series as that’s important enough to be a list on its own; we only have one game representing each series, and while legacy can play a big part, they must offer robust mechanics and still be fun to play today.

List collectively chosen by: Ronny Barrier, Mitchell Saltzman, Emeka Nwosu, Kate MacPherson, Tate Fiebing, Aaron Smith, and Will Borger.

Individual entries written by: Ronny Barrier, Mitchell Saltzman, Emeka Nwosu, Tate Fiebing, Aaron Smith, and Will Borger.

Thanks to World of Longplays,, and Spazbo4 for the use of their footage!

This video was originally published on August 10, 2022 on IGN Games

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  1. Soul calibur not in top 10, wow……..

  2. The Last Blade 2 is slept on and Fatal Fury, Samurai Showdown and CVS2 should have been here

  3. La lista debería ser más larga.
    No puede ser que hayan dejado fuera a Soul Calibur, Dead Or Alive, Blazblue, Samurai Shodown, Capcom Vs Tatsunoko o Campom Vs SNK. 🕹🎮


  5. How Soul Calibur didn't make this list is beyond me

  6. What about Fight Night Champion and UFC? Are those racing games now or what

  7. MVC2 > MVC3, DBZ had no place on this list, maybe it could have bested out MK9, total lack of Soulcalibur is appalling. Didn't you guys say SC was the best Dreamcast game of all time? (SCIII AE remains the best entry in the series however)

  8. Where is Soul Calibur? When it came out on the Dreamcast, it looked way better than the arcade experience!

  9. No Persona 4 Arena it’s an Underrated Gem 💎

  10. Mortal kombat should be in top 5 .
    Trust me guys only 20% of igns videos are legit and rest are sus

  11. Bloody roar is the best fighting game ever

  12. No 3rd person fighting games like for honor? You guys are as bad as watchmojo.

  13. Garou Mark of the wolves is underated without being in this list. The skills, arts, knockout animated and voice announcer are one of the best I've ever played

  14. Street fighter above MK, thats a joke. Its Mk11 first followed by Guilty gear, then Street Fighter. MK behind Skulls girls, you guys clearly hate MK.

  15. Come on Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown is much better than Killer Instinct and is definitely better for kids as well!

  16. Where's Capcom vs SNK 2? The grooves made history!
    Where's Garou Mark of the Wolfes?
    Tekken3 or 5 were better than 7.
    Tekken3 had more influence though.
    This list isn't easy to make but for the most part fair enough.
    Just let VF5US win over KI so that KI joins MK and Skull Girls, please.

  17. Mortal Kombat 1 e 2
    The King of Fighters 98
    Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition

    Esses são os melhores pra mim

  18. Hard disagree on Ultimate MvC over MvC2. 2 is absolutely legendary and has waaay more depth than 3

  19. Why are all these games the exact same thing with just different characters and arenas?? No variety at all here

  20. Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate should be on this list

  21. Granblue fantasy versus is the best fighting game

  22. Where is Mk x and 11 and Super smash bros

  23. lol this list is garbage. No Soul Caliber or MK? Clown.

  24. Where is Naruto, you put 2 same developer Street Fighters. Long time ago old game popular but now have many best game.

  25. Bad list! It doesn't have Dead or Alive, Soulcalibur, and Smash Bros. Also, Skullgirls shouldn't be in this list.

  26. Bro my cousin has a PlayStation 4 and he plays Takken 7❤

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