Top 10 Fighting Games to Play in 2019 -

Top 10 Fighting Games to Play in 2019

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Fighting games – the best video game genre to choose after a long and stressful day. If you’re new to them though, make sure to watch the video which would help you to choose the absolutely best fighters available on the market and popular in 2019.

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  1. this comment section is filled with bots from the creator of the video😂. just look how similar every godamn comment looks and prove me wrong

  2. out of all the games I only played smah ultimate
    tekken well last one I played was tag team 2

  3. why is everyone giving timestamps about epilepsy warning and giving their same opinions

  4. Video Timeline
    1) 0:39 Mortal Kombat 11
    2) 1:12 Tekken 7
    3) 1:41 Steet Fighter 5
    4) 2:11 Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

    2:17 E P I L E P S Y W A R N I N G Start
    2:22 E P I L E P S Y W A R N I N G End

    5) 2:44 Soul Calibur 6
    6) 3:19 Dead of Alive 6
    7) 3:47 Guilty Gear XRD Revelator
    8) 4:17 Dragon Ball FighterZ
    9) 4:41 Injustice 2
    10) 5:11 Killer Instinct

  5. out of all the games I only played smah ultimate
    tekken well last one I played was tag team 2
    Epilepsy warning everyone
    Where is "list guy" ?
    I personally love the series skullgirls

  6. 90% of the comments here are about the epilepsy warning and Skullgirls.

  7. So y'all saying Tekken, MK or SF.
    But in our hearts it's Smash.

  8. Just one error… dragonball fighterz is pronounced "dragonball fighters"

  9. Tekken 7 is number one, go watch ign reviews to explain it

  10. the king of fighters is the best of the best , dont forget it plz

  11. I think I'll just stay with minecraft pvp

  12. 1: mortal mombat 11
    2. Tekken 7
    3 street fighter 5 V
    4 super smash bros
    5 Soul calibour 6
    6 Dead Or Alive 6
    7 Guilty gear xrd Revelator
    8 Dragon Ball Fighter Z
    9 Injustice 2
    10 Killer Instinct

  13. I watched this video to get a short overlook of fighting games, because I wanted to try one out… I'm kinda interested in MK11, Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, DoA….. Still not sure which one to take, I'm kinda low on money rn, so I thought of Street Fighter…. (btw I'm not interested in Smash, I really love the series, the characters, the mechanics etc, but I really don't want this ''Nintendo Online'' bullshit, and I don't wanna buy a Switch). I think Tekken is kinda to much for a beginner in Fighting Games like me, So It's kinda between Street Fighter, MK and DoA rn… Even tho I kinda would be hyped for MK or SF

  14. where is King Of Fighters 13. no list is complete without that game

  15. Why on God's green earth would you do a top ten countdown in reverse?

  16. Mortal kombat 11 fantastic game i loved thats epic game

  17. Out of this list FighterZ or Soulcaliber my fav

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