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Top 10 Fighting Games

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With the added challenge of only including one entry per series, here’s our list of the top 10 fighting games of all time.

With the excitement of Evo 2022 behind us, we wanted to take a look at fighting game history and form a collection of the 10 best fighting games. From SFV to Guilty Gear, Mortal Kombat, and DBFZ, and even more recent ones like DNF Duel, Melty Blood Type Lumina, and KOF 15, there were tons of games to consider.

A note about our criteria: we’ve excluded platform fighters such as the Smash Bros series as that’s important enough to be a list on its own; we only have one game representing each series, and while legacy can play a big part, they must offer robust mechanics and still be fun to play today.

List collectively chosen by: Ronny Barrier, Mitchell Saltzman, Emeka Nwosu, Kate MacPherson, Tate Fiebing, Aaron Smith, and Will Borger.

Individual entries written by: Ronny Barrier, Mitchell Saltzman, Emeka Nwosu, Tate Fiebing, Aaron Smith, and Will Borger.

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  1. Gameplay of Tekken 3 is still in my opinion most fluid than any 3d fighting game

  2. No order my top 10.

    Streetfighter 2
    Street fighter 3 3rd strike
    Street fighter 4
    Virtua Fighter 2
    Soul Calibur
    Tekken 3
    Marvel vs Capcom 2
    KOF 98
    DOA 2
    Killer instinct

    This list IGN made is kinda bullshit. They don’t understand the cultural impact of this games I mentioned

  3. Granblue fantasy versus would had turned to such great game if not for the netcode system ( it still has the best visuals and animations ) imo

  4. Where's Samurai Shodown? Interestingly enough they didn't include it in the list. Some of the OG players know Samurai Shodown is a game that has a good story and a lot of unique characters to go with it including icons such as Haohmaru, Hatori Hanzo, etc, etc!!


  6. Soul Calibur and Power Stone should be on the list.

  7. I’d like a list of some of the best obscure fighters that aren’t related to any of these staple fighting franchises…

    Soul Caliber
    Virtua Fighter
    Street Fighter
    King of Fighters
    Marvel vs Capcom
    Guilty Gear
    Smash Bros

  8. My favorite fighting game of all time is still samurai showdown 1. With street fighter 6 coming out soon, that might change. I think that it's set to become the top fighting game ever made

  9. Marvel vs Capcom 2 is the absolute best fighting game ever made in my opinion.

  10. King of fighters 98, samurai shodown 3, mk11 and
    Ultra street fighter 4 deserve to be on this list….ultra street fighter 4 is for me the best fighting game ever created..street fighter 3 third strike was good….but the character roster felt limited….to every person who puts third strike at number one… ultra street fighter 4 had a huge character roster with beautiful 3d graphics and yes there is a mechanic by which you can parry in it as well…

  11. Wow no soul calibur no injustice and putting mk9 in 10th place just wow

  12. Mortal Kombat deserves to be above Marvel VS Capcom and Tekken, Soul Calibur should have been on this list.

  13. When you’re watching this in 2026😞😞😞😞😞😞😞

  14. Ultimate Marvel vs capcom 3 over Marvel vs Capcom 2 …. how do you motivate such decision…

  15. The need to make a Naruto game following db figheterz style!!!!

  16. "Def Jam: Fight for NY" was the best

  17. fail again. all of them are 2d and we are not in 1990

  18. 3rd strike nearly killed the genre, the parry system only became popular in the small circles that kept playing the game. And nearly half the cast is unplayable at a competitive level. It really is the meme Street Fighter, without moment 37, no one would care.

  19. Damn, Dead or Alive 4 should have had, at the very least, that 10 spot

  20. DBZ fighterz my favorite fighting game I've everd play mvc2 close though

  21. Absolutely no one thought Killer Instinct was a MK clone.

  22. Me as a naruto ultimate ninja player 👀

  23. Mortal kombat 9 is my favorite and best game for ever.

  24. It's funny how the mobile version of kof is better than the PC version

  25. The one that's definitely missing for me is Naruto ultimate ninja storm 4 looks awesome for one. Easy to learn with the simplest of mechanics yet you can turn the tables in seconds

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