TOP 10 Fighting Game POP OFFS of All Time -

TOP 10 Fighting Game POP OFFS of All Time

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The fighting game community has provided some of the most intense and insane pop offs in the world of #esports.

#MK11 #Tekken7 and #SFV pro players have developed online rivalries that are sometimes brought into the real life as well, and they do not shy away from humiliating their opponents once the match is finished.

Let’s look back in time, and in competitions like EVO to check out the TOP 10 best Fighting Game Pop Offs of All Time.


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  1. i remember seeing the buffalo pop off live, some embarrassing shit lmao

  2. do these "adults" know these are just video games?

  3. Is this how all incels resolve their differences?

  4. i’m sorry but pokchop irritates me so bad

  5. #3 Homeboy lucky he didn’t get knocked out

  6. Thought thered be lil majin pop-off but oh well

  7. For #1 are they saying “give up” or “get fucked”????

  8. All I am getting from this are that fighting game competitors are idiots.

  9. 5:32
    you may not like it but THIS is what peak performance looks like

  10. Popping off is having personality lmao. In the Far East popping off will get u killed.

  11. Li Joe literally made history because it’s rare seeing someone beat a Japanese player in a fighting game

  12. Poppin off like chuck liddell

  13. That was a decent smoothviper pop off. But the one against cableguy at evo was better lol

  14. They didn't even add an amazing pop off by viscant when he beat that one dude and got in his face. They missed so many better ones.

  15. Where I'm from "pop-off" means u actually popped it off. Like started a fight. 😂😂😂 The title had me hyped

  16. just show the top 10, we dont need a show and dance or even a narrator to tell us what we already know and see on-screen

  17. I'm so glad they considered smash a fighting game

  18. Kind of cringe watching guys act like they won an actual fight.

  19. Honestly, Buffalo is the least intimidating dude to be popping off in person. Looks like if he jumps too hard his tiddy gonna hit his mouth and his first instinct with anything near his mouth is to swallow it and he gonna just choke on his own tiddy. What a way to go. You can legit hear his own voice cracks, that had me 💀💀💀

  20. yo i dont remember evo being a stripper competition lmfao

  21. Ah smack the shit outta Buffalo chicken if he ever got in my face like that nun of that … that shit made me mad and I wasn’t even there

  22. Justin doing the barrel roll will forever be my favorite

  23. lol Pokchop! I remember that dude from underground atl.

  24. 🙄 no one ever puts the SonicFox 13-0 perfectlegend mkx clip another iconic moment in gaming history

  25. Advertisers not realizing that Pop-off's are half the reason FG's are so god damn good.
    People need to realize that Fighting game's are an action sport. It has the same heated elements as UFC or Boxing does.
    We need to embrace the shit talking. Not condemn it.

  26. How did Scar vs. Buffalo not end with AT LEAST one ban from the facility for the weekend and a DQ?

    Seriously. I think it would've taken a lot of talking on the part of relevant parties for me not to toss them both.

  27. Lol pop off. In my house a pop off means somebody took great offense to a loss it caused a fist fight.

  28. I’d be the first person to shoot somebody over a game.

  29. if some fat fucking dweeb yells in my face for more than 2 seconds were throwing hands what did that fucking idiot think he was doing bruh

  30. These loser ass needs literally live in an alternate reality

  31. The white dude with the long sraggly hair needs ti sort himself out

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