Top 10 Fighting Game Females -

Top 10 Fighting Game Females

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Nick is counting down the Top 10 ass kicking ladies of fighting games!

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  1. I would SAY I want Baiken to marry me, but let's be honest, I'd dead within a day.

  2. I personality love the game taokaka is from

  3. Nina Williams?
    I thought Kazumi Mishima.😐
    Well…..At least there's a Tekken Character.

  4. So there are no DOA characters?
    Get out.
    D I S G U S T I N G.

  5. Cant really agree with Peacock but its still cool to give some mention to Skullgirls. Also when are the Death Battles coming back???

  6. Samus is gaming's first lady for all of Gaming, Chun-li is the first lady of Fighting games.

  7. Hoping that Rachel Alucard will be here…

  8. 5:56 I still stand by what I said, Baiken has the. Biggest. Racks. Of. Any. Female.. Character. In. Video. Gaming. History.

  9. Nakoruru is mine.
    Take out riptor and put in Maya.

  10. I’d prefer Felica over Morrigan honestly

  11. You clearly don't know anything about mk. Mileena is only a clone of the best mk char, Kitana besides she's the only one who had appeared in every game of the franchise except for the first… Absurd.

  12. The blade whip that Ivy is so iconic for, came earlier in World Heroes. Janne used it in every game. But, ehh. Iconicism…..

  13. You added a dino instead of having sonya blade there 😂😂 nice list and baiken is definitely a surprising choice to be added so high , I’m in love with millia rage outta GGX , and in fact talking about the best females , I would have athena asamiya in the top 3

  14. If king isn't here I will be dissapointed

  15. So I looked it up, by date Samus is gaming's first lady (Metroid came out in 86), Chun-li is gaming's second lady (the original street fighter came out in 87), and Lara croft didn't show up until 1996 (Talk about being late to the party) also let's admit in street fighter 1 she was totally a glorified Ryu clone

  16. My list:
    1.Tekken – Nina, Xiayou and Zafina
    2.Mortal kombat- Mileena, Kitana and Jade
    3.Soulcalibur 6- Talim, Ivy and Taki
    4.DOA- Helena, Christie and Marie
    5.Street fighter-Cammy, Sakura and Poison (female ?)
    6.The king of fighters- Kula, Athena and King
    7.Killer instinct- B.Orchid, Maya and Sadira
    8.Injustice- Starfire, Catwoman and Harley Quinn
    9.MVC series- Gamora, Chun li and Morrigan
    10.FEXL- Sanane, Sharon and Blair Dame

  17. Morrigan looks like a human version of rouge

  18. I am surprised you never had Taki from Soulcalibur VI on here. She is always my go to girl in that game. But, I guess you had to pick 10 different video games. Really great list though, Thanks for sharing.

  19. Riptor is female….i didn't see that one coming

  20. Chun- Li is so discusting bra, absolutly Mileena and Kitana are the best female characters in fighting games.
    Who think like me?!

  21. Millena? Of course Sonya Blade.Number 1.

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