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Top 10 Fighting Game Bosses
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They’re the only thing standing between you and victory! Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Fighting Game Bosses. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

For this list, we’ve chosen the final bosses from tournament style fighting games that left a lasting impact on players due to their design, difficulty and impact on the series as a whole. Our choices are based on a mixture of fan-votes, popularity and our own personal preferences.

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  1. I'd put Shao Khan #1. I've played a lot of street fighter games. Bison is a tough opponent but I'd put Akuma over him in terms of difficulty to beat.

  2. Nothing can beat Omega Rugal. Bison sucks! And i thing Shao Kahn better than Bison!

  3. Geese was never a host of KOF, that was either Rugal, Orochi, the NESTS cartel, or The Demons from the Past

  4. It's hard to hear bison's theme. He always kick's my ass😔😔😔😔😔😔

  5. Shao Kahn >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> M Bison

  6. Shao Kahn takes military grade strategy. Especially against Superman

  7. Are you guys really forgetting Gill?

  8. What About devil kazuya shang tsung shinnok blaze azalza kazuim and seth and orge and unknown and onaga and dark khan

  9. I’ve never played some of these games. I agree with the other comments that Rugal, Akuma, Kazuya Mishima, Inferno and Nightmare from Soul Calibur, and Mike Tyson should be on here.

  10. What about Dio in jojo bizarre adventure heritage fir the future as an honorable mention

  11. Seriously 😕 I have u guys ever play kof series Rugal, orchi, ignis, goentiz and saiki 🧐 they should full the list. 😒😒

  12. my top 10
    1 Gill
    2 Cyber Akuma
    3 M bison
    4 Rugal
    5 Shao Khan

  13. Where is Jedah (DS3)? he was a bit of a dick to fight too…

  14. Your top 10 has the cheapest 'pet NPC'/waifu boss ever designed?

  15. You put Master Hand on this list?

    This is why you should stick to stealing content from others instead of creating your own.

  16. I came here for Azazel from tekken 6
    Too bad he isn't in the list

  17. I’m sorry, but I came for Master Hand…

  18. Everyone who came to comment that there should be more than one SNK boss in this list say I.

  19. Wow, disrespect to Rugal not even the slightest mention.

  20. I came hoping to see Akuma /Gouki but technically he isn't really a boss

  21. And 4 years later in Street fighter v Bison has a move that allows him to warp behind the his opponent

  22. Hazama really is a very cool final boss. Really enjoyed playing Blazeblue Contanium shift.

  23. I'm surprised to see that Rugal isn't included.

  24. You know what, you're bored with these fighting games! 😒

  25. Super street fighter 2 turvo — Akuma
    Capcom vs snk 2 —- shin Rugal
    Tekken 6 —-azazel
    Street fighter 3rd stryke —-Gil
    Mortal kombat deception —Dragon king

  26. A white hand is better then blaze onaga and other bosses

  27. How does Alpha from DoA not make this list? That biaaatch was the cause of so much pain.

  28. Heihachi is the best because he doesn’t rely on magic and ability’s he’s legit just a bloke, shao Kahn is amazing so is bison but heihachi is goals

  29. I’d put Shao Kahn at 1 IMO. He’s cool as fuck and I love him almost as much as Scorpion.

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