Top 10 Cheap Fighting Game Bosses That Will Make You Rage Quit -

Top 10 Cheap Fighting Game Bosses That Will Make You Rage Quit
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These bosses will have you throwing your controller across the room! For this list, we’re taking a look at the most infuriating boss battles you’ll encounter in various fighting games. Our countdown includes Tabuu “Super Smash Bros. Brawl” (2008), Night Terror “Soulcalibur III” (2005), Azazel “Tekken 6” (2009), Shao Kahn “Mortal Kombat” (2011), and more! Who do YOU think is the cheapest fighting game boss of all time? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Xenoblade Chronicles X Last Boss fight Genuinely Killed the game for me.

  2. #1 100% Agree, That is….the hardest fighting game boss I've ever faced, one day I'll take it on again, but that day is not today.

  3. My worst nightmare is deathstroke
    In batman arkham origins but now i finally beat him

  4. some of these bosses (excluding Night Terror Alpha -152 & Parace) are not That Hard 2 beat. Hell i've Battled & Won against Abyss before on max hard & he was Cake compaired to later Modern 1's. Parace i've confronted in the PS3 LOVE MAX Expansion of AH & Survived by a Time Over. it's all about Trail & Error when u face a Boss. o-o

  5. Mortal combat 11 the ending took me about 2 or 3 hours and that was just at regular

  6. For Number 9, Galeem and Dharkon the final boss is way harder than Tabuu because What makes it worse is if you use Rosalina you will be having extremely hard time dodging attacks.

  7. Shao Kahn in MK2 from 90s is One of the most ufair bosses ever. What a damn spammer.


  9. Azazel from Tekken 6 was tough yes, but the fact you put him over Jinpachi from Tekken 5 pisses me off…

  10. I don't think Azazel is that hard if you play with mokojin or law

  11. First of all there's not 1 King of Fighters boss on here not even an honorable mention and you also put Abyss on here? If you choose any character with a projectile Abyss is no problem at all

  12. Kronika is just boring than unfair.

  13. You should've added Akuma vs Devil kazuya that one was insane

  14. I was expecting to see Seth from the street fighter iv games On the PS3/360. That dude is genuinely insane!!!

  15. I'm wondering how Shinnok wasn't here from MKX

  16. Matches against Mortal Kombat's big bad death dad are easy to mistake for Star Trek memes, because you're going to be shouting "KHAAAAAN!!!" non-stop.

  17. Kronika isn't hard.
    I beat her with Kabal on hard flawlessly.

  18. you forgot to mention that no.1 can regenerate hp over time

  19. Abyss was easy as cake! And one tip for beating Parace, use Mirror Arcana and double fireball motion + E whenever there's an opening for attack.

  20. I remember spending the whole day trying to defeat shao kahn in mk9

  21. Galactus from Marvel vs Capcom 3 should have been #1. Why wasn't he even mentioned on the list?

  22. Azazel is nowhere as difficult as others on the list

  23. Mutilator – Bio F.R.E.A.K.S
    Geese Howard – Fatal Fury 1
    Justice – Guilty Gear 1
    Amakusa – Samurai Shodown 1
    Magaki – King of Fighters XI

    and specially:

    Raigou – Last Blade 2

  24. Capcom any other bosses fighting games resident evil whatever they do not know how to balance their bosses they give the final boss so much power does cheap and ridiculous WWE games the same way especially that trash Defeat the streak in WWE 2K 14 I actually beat it with Randy Orton it in my game all suddenly throws out that’s how I know it was trash and then did MK2/mk3 The last boss in that game oh yeah and MK9 I hated the bosses in those games the most ridiculous oh yeah and a special shout out to Kintaro And a couple other side bosses in the MK universe can suck it also oh yeah tekken Bosses are trash also did you see my fight games these days aren’t even as much fun as they used to be because the bosses inside bosses make the games patheticallyAnd fun when you play a game you wanna have fun with the bosses in five games now did you make the game trash

  25. Azal and alpja really piss me off. Good video. Should've included non kallen from honkai impact 3rd.

  26. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💀

  27. Kronica is easy and I played her on the hardest difficulty

  28. About cyber akuma, the raging demon requires only one hyper bar, where as for players, THREE!!! ARE NEEDED.

  29. I laugh at the fact that Tabuu is considered hard

  30. What is Abyss even doing on this list? He was a disappointment.

  31. Cyber Akuma and Abyss over Gill and God Rugal? And no SNK bosses period? This list is so inaccurate.

  32. Can anyone say Brianiac from Injustice 2 a total pain

  33. I've played many fighting games and I can easily say that Parace is the most overpowered fighting game boss by a longshot. I have been playing Arcana heart for about 10 years so I'm actually pretty good at the game but still to this day I have yet to defeat her. She's is basically an overpowered Mugen character like Omega Tiger Woods and Chuck Norris lol.

  34. I fought my way up the Warrior Tower in MK11 as Subzero on the hard mode (no consumables throughout the whole tower) & it took me HOURS to beat Kronika. 😤😤🥵🥵

  35. Kronika was such a tit tbh until you realised that the only way to really beat her is button spam.

  36. If your video title has "hard/cheap fighting game boss" But no SNK in that list. That video is fuuking stupid

  37. How about:

    Justice or Boss Nagoriyuki (Guilty Gear)
    Unlimited Bosses (Most particularly Ragna & Hazama) (BlazBlue series)
    Deathbringer/End of Deathbringer (Battle Fantasia)
    Any KoF boss
    Mizuki Rashojin (Samurai Shodown II)
    Gill (All of Street Fighter III versions)
    Dr. Erode (Power Stone 2)
    Onslaught (Marvel Vs. Capcom 1)
    Jinpachi Mishima (Tekken 5)
    Giga Bowser (Super Smash Bros. Melee)
    Valkyria (EN-Eins Perfektewelt)
    The General (Kaiser Knuckle; the most fatal case ever)

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