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Top 10 Best Fighting Games on PS4

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Here are the top 10 fighting games on PS4, as chosen by us! This is a genre baked into the DNA of PlayStation – from Tekken to Street Fighter and Soul Calibur to Mortal Kombat, everyone has their favourite. Let us know your own choices in the comments!

0:00 – Welcome!
0:59 – TEKKEN 7
03:49 – UFC 3
05:08 – Mortal Kombat 11
07:54 – Street Fighter V
09:02 – Injustice 2
10:18 – Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3
11:22 – Brawlhalla
12:30 – Nidhogg 2
13:57 – Please subscribe!

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  1. Out of these i play ufc, tekken 7, SC6, MK11, brawlhalla, and injustice 2.

  2. This guy Rob narrating is brilliant, where else can I find his reviews?

  3. na son you missed more than half of the genre defining games that are on ps4
    and MKX is better than MK11.

  4. My dude put Brawlhalla but not Guilty Gear lol

  5. Lol ufc and street fighter 5 and injustice 2 should not be here no be here

  6. UFC and Nidhogg over Guilty Gear, BlazBlue and KOF? Lmao.

  7. Mortal Kombat 11 Should be top 1 on this list

  8. Do you have any particular recommendation. Like hey wanna come over to play? And probably not that much spines been broken as MK. More like for a "date"

  9. Tekken 7 is the best fighting game of the decade

  10. I feel like JoJo eyes of heaven belonged here but oh well

  11. Where is King of fighters???
    Fighting game genre is incomplete without The king of fighting games!

  12. Nathan: YOU SCUM BAG
    Me: Damn .-.

  13. Dude you are the funniest commentator Iv'e ever heard bout gaming….
    You got it mate!!!??

  14. Rob, do you actually play these games, you sound like the paramount superior in all authority….

  15. No Guilty gear , no Skullgirls 2nd encore ? Are you nuts ?

  16. 3 words for you King Of Fighters. The best fighting game!! And I've played SF, MK, DBZ. They all pale in comparison. Street Fighter is especially underwhelming.

  17. Pay your respects to Granblue Fantasy Versus here

  18. I thought mk11 was number 1. That's just pointless

  19. Garou Mark of the Wolves (PSN Store or Limted run release)
    Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike and Zero 3 (SF 30th Anniversary Collection)
    Samurai Shodown 2 (SS Neo Geo Collection)

    Played them in the 90s and they still some of the best fighting games you can play.

  20. Blazblue cross tag battle and Guilty Gear are my most played lately

  21. I have almost all of these mortal kombat bothers me though they move so awkward

  22. What about Naruto Storm 4,Guilty Gear and Blaze Blue❓Come on PlayStation😐

  23. brawlhalla belongs to ubisoft now , and thanks 4 the great collection

  24. excellent job, I wish you had put KOF though, keep on, your voice is like a lubally.:)

  25. Why is Dead Or Alive never in these lists? It's so underrated😠😡

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