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Top 10 Best Fighting Games on PS4

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Here are the top 10 fighting games on PS4, as chosen by us! This is a genre baked into the DNA of PlayStation – from Tekken to Street Fighter and Soul Calibur to Mortal Kombat, everyone has their favourite. Let us know your own choices in the comments!

0:00 – Welcome!
0:59 – TEKKEN 7
03:49 – UFC 3
05:08 – Mortal Kombat 11
07:54 – Street Fighter V
09:02 – Injustice 2
10:18 – Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3
11:22 – Brawlhalla
12:30 – Nidhogg 2
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  1. I have an idea for a badass fighting game…

    The characters are superficial… And you can design your own personal character.. Based on a mortal kombat ninja aesthetic…

    There is only one move list in the entire game… This way the game can never be unbalanced… But the move list is absolutely humongous…

    You can select a ranged weapon and a melee weapon to bring into the fight with you… For variety…

    The character utilises a limb system like tekken… Using the interlinking method… But every move has about five random animations…

    It looks like two badass ninjas fighting realistically… Winner is clearly more skilled and no balancing issues… You could become very expert in a humongous move list… Or specialise in a smaller select part of the list…

    Technically you don't even need combo strings… Cause you are doing a different move based on button and direction… And you could be whipping out your own random combo strings… Which opens up a very interesting parry and counter and dodge game…

    You could set it up that he or she switches through martial arts styles on a particular button… That's how you expand his move list… He could switch from karate to shotakan to bushido etc..

    You could set up an auto dodge system… So they are constantly dodging and ducking and flipping and jumping over and under each others attacks waiting for an opportunity…

    And a parry system based on correct limb button and direction to match your enemies attack…

    Juggles would look way cooler than tekken because you'd be whipping out all kinds of interesting moves based on your stance…

    Could be pretty intense…

  2. Where is naruto shippuden ultimate ninja strom 4😩????!!

  3. Mortal kombat is by far the best fighting game ever. Dbfz shouldn't be here

  4. Mortal kombat está a otro nivel los otros paracen animaciones baratas

  5. Put Brawlla, and no smash bros (so more technic…)…

  6. Soulcalliber is my favourite game of all time i love it been playing the series since I was 3!

  7. Where is naruto ultimate ninja storm road to boruto?

  8. Any recent good fighting games with marvel avenger xmen? That capcom one looks too cartoony for me.

  9. what about saint seiya soldiers soul? it's easily better than any of your list

  10. Mortal kombat my all time favourite fighting game, followed by tekken

  11. Blazblue & Guilty Gear were the best. DBFZ was great as well. This was not the list I thought it was. I'm out lol

  12. Sorry not sorry for the losers who haven’t played Def Jam fighting games not that’s a real fighting game

  13. Wer you also thinking that motal combat whould be the best fighting game in this video?

  14. Except UFC, i think Tekken is the most realistic from all these

  15. You should add Dead or Alive in the roster…

  16. Weird how you finish your video with 2 joke picks in a row…

  17. can't believe you did'nt put MK11 in the 1st place, atleast top 3 it's not the most popular game these days but it is the best fighting game

  18. Why Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is Better Than Marvel vs Capcom Infinite
    I Mean I Like Marvel VS Capcom Infinite and Injustice 2 in My Opinion

  19. TEKKEN 7 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  20. I want to play tekken but it's not free😭

  21. Hey what happen to storm 4 you forgot about that game bro

  22. When Skullgirls 2nd encore isn't on there

  23. Tekken is one of my favourite fighting series

  24. Iplayed brawallah it is amazing

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