Top 10 Best Fighting Games for iOS/Android in 2020 -

Top 10 Best Fighting Games for iOS/Android in 2020

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[00:00] Intro
[00:14] #1: Final Fighter
[00:49] #2: Punch Planet
[01:24] #3: Footsies
[02:03] #4: Shadow Fight 3
[03:00] #5: Skullgirls
[03:53] #6: Prizefighters
[04:29] #7: Fighting Ex Layer -α
[05:11] #8: Street Fighter IV Champion Edition
[05:43] #9: Boxing Star
[06:00] #10: ChronoBlade

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  1. Final fighter is a beat em up not a fighting game

  2. Woah woah woah skullgirls has a limited combo system? Have u ever even seen actual combos?

  3. I have play injustices 2 and mortal kombat mobile and street fighting and kof all star and marvel CONTEST of CHAMPIONS and transformers forgot to fight and skullgirls and shadow fight 3 or 2 I play on my mobile but I have play fighting ex layer on ps4 but all fighting game same final fighter is bad and not have any good graphics

  4. Nice video! a newly released mobile fighting game made by a solo dev that is worth checking out – Vita Fighters 👍🏻

  5. Listen, brother, look at my fighting game )

  6. Try Transformers forged to fight for mobile. Its amazing 3 dimensional fighting

  7. The fighting game genre has turned into a speed and visual noise infected mess over the past few decades, for the most part. What happened to realism, aesthetics, and skill. Someone please come up with a fighting game without the accelerated action and all the junk appearing on the screen all the time. Shadow Fight 3 comes closest.

  8. Regarding Shadow Fight 3, pay to play isn’t true. You can progress but it takes real skills, and yes some extra time as you constantly get resources from the game if you just play regularly. No need to pay anything, but it will make your overall journey longer, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

  9. I swear android games for tablets are trash,it feels like it's rare to find a good one on there 💢

  10. Just… download ppsspp and blazblue continuum shift 2

  11. Just finished downloading final fighter ITS AMAZING thank you my dude 💯

  12. Shadow Fight 3 is NOT an online PVP, false information. You can only fight AI Controlled characters, you can never play against another online player. The reason I stopped playing it, AI chooses when you lose or when it's going to allow you to win.

  13. Awesome games of fighting for android device my favorite 👌👍

  14. In my opinion Shadow Fight 3 is best of all as it has realistic Physics, Real Weapons, Real Fighting Styles and unlike cartoonic graphics… It provides Best Graphics with heavy detailing!!! Also Story is engaging and not pay to win… Just need patience and a unique fighting style of our own with chain combos and bam you win easily even on insane!!!

  15. My personal the best fighting game is skullgirls and transformers forged to fight

  16. Skullgirls e Street Fighter IV são exemplos de como NÃO fazer um jogo de luta para celulares. O melhor jogo de luta que ja joguei foi KOF XII, que é uma versão mobile do KOF XIII. Fora ele eu ainda não achei jogo de luta bom pra mobile.
    Mas ele ta pago, pelo menos na play store. Teve um tempo em que ele era gratuito, mas agora ta pago.

  17. Theres also one called Rumble Arena even though it is a bit p2w unless you wanna either spend weeks grinding coins or glitching/hacking

  18. Best game out of the ones he showed is Skullgirls mobile

  19. I really like flappy fighters it's really unique and for i phone only

  20. Why is skullgirls not in first place.Wdym it lost its creativity ,its better than pc.😭😔

  21. olny main reason skull girls is famous is because of its lewd art style

  22. Nice video per aap aisi video banae jismein 2000 to 2020 monkey adventure games thi

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