Top 10 Best Fighting Games for Android & iOS in 2022 -

Top 10 Best Fighting Games for Android & iOS in 2022

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Hey guys! Today im gonna show you my Top 10 Best Fighting Games for Android & iOS 2022 list. This list also include high graphics fighting games, fighting games, online fighting games, offline fighting games, mobile fighting games and more. If you find anything to play in this list, please make sure like the video and subscribe to my channel, it means a lot to me. Hope you enjoy the video. See you next time!



  1. I know why Skullgirls is top 1 is you know the girl's

  2. I don’t see hero vs or Metal revolution for iPhone

  3. I cant find invictus in the playstore

  4. At this point, Shadow Fight 3 is miles better than Arena

  5. I can't get metal revelation in my region 😭😭😭

  6. It's 2022 – using text to speech is so yucky.

  7. WWE mayhem is good game. It's update . But I don't like this game controller

  8. Bro the best pvp game is….."MİNECRAFT"

  9. Cmon guys. We’re forgetting legends game. Shadow fight

  10. 4:21 I don't think you would call Metal Revolution minimalist, unless you meant something other than the aesthetics. Excited to try it out though, thanks for sharing.

  11. Sir do you use any media to promote your videos if you do please tell me

  12. Please make a vid on games like Tekken tag 1👍

  13. skull girl is the kind of fighting game i was looking for 😀 thanks! Also does it have controller support?

  14. I'll be sure to subscribe, ive been looking for a good fighting game for a long time and you've given me just the ones I want. Thank you!

  15. Metal rev is really good in my opinion but the lack of players i didnt get any match on the queue which is frustrating

  16. Metal revolution isn’t in my mobile device

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