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Times Kids challenged Fighting Game Pros

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These hands are rated E for Everyone (Mortal Kombat is not). You gonna learn today!

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  1. Is it just me or is that – dead ringer for Andrew tate behind Lupe.

  2. Oh, so when the KIDS beat the shit out of pros! It gets clipped? But when a pro beats the shit out of a fkn kid, it’s disrespectful? And unfair? And I’m, A BULLY?! Nah

  3. I asked Mr Wong to go easy on me but he didn’t do so

  4. This reminds me of the time I (as a kid) challenged my uncle to SF4 thinking I’d beat him because I played video games more than anyone else in my family. What I didn’t know is that my uncle was a cabinet king back in the day and he proceeded to perfect me over and over again.

  5. Honestly, if you're playing MK Online in ranked matches you should expect to get zoned out or cheaped out.

  6. Justin match up: as soon as you said ranked I was immediately pissed that Justin's comp had a child begging into a mic for a gimme match; Justin++ for not giving in to the comp's child exploitation tactics. That's a new low right there. I'm not buying any other explanation except maybe the comp was using a voice changer to sound like a little one – regardless, I'm calling bs on that match and wave Justin's flag.

  7. Friendly reminder: Justin is why the AI gives no shits (even in the tutorial) in Power Rangers: Battle For the Grid.

    He’s practically welcoming us to the real world. There are no brakes when Justin’s involved 😂

  8. I hear that world ends end with You music.

  9. If a guy beats me using merely his peripheral vision, i will become a RPG player for the rest of my life

  10. All street fighter. Where's the tekken or mortal kombat?

  11. Shouldn't Justin have been less brutal to the kid in MK according to your criteria of "casual sets=friendlier behavior"?

  12. If u was a kid during sf2 you cried one after a bad beating. Its ok, kids need it.

  13. Did this brainless scumbag loser just say that kid was too young to be playing MK? When did you start playing MK moron? Oh yeah right…. when you where a kid stupid fuck…

  14. I mean like….. what's even the point of becoming so skilled if you can't obliterate and steamroll someone inexperienced every now and then xD Just to show them the gap and path they have ahead to overcome.

  15. That Skulzer kid is gonna be a great tournament player if not already. Gotta have nerves of steel to do what he did.

  16. Well if you're gunna beat a kid, at least smoke them with a cool combo instead of spamming a move that's hard for them to deal with. Give em' a little show.

  17. That day when the kid learned that this is the real world.

  18. I'll be honest, the button masher kid doesn't offend me, but his parents do. They should have the sense that their kid is not actually playing, and to let him go to a tournament says to me that's all they think the hobby ammounts to. It's about as disrespectful as it gets. They basically used their son as a walking insult.

  19. Skulzur strider match was hilarious. Some people are antisocial losers who cant read social cues. That kid had the time of his life

  20. Not just tournaments, you are allowed to demolish kids in fighting games anywhere. I still remember having to wait in line and pay my hard earned quarters as a kid just to get my butt kicked at fighting games in arcades. One guy at the Aladdin's Castle I went to a lot would just dominate at Tekken and no one could take him down. He lived at that Tekken cabinet

  21. I played in EVO 2016 and lost to Wolfkrone (#1 ranked online player at the time) in the finals of my pool. It still felt good though because I made him try hard and pull out all the cheapest tricks his Laura could muster. GG.

  22. It took me awhile to really get into fighting games until it clicked.. GETTING MY A** BEAT HELPS ME LEARN 😂 lbvs knowing someone is toying with me or just taking it easy makes me upset cause I learn nothing from my char or the char I’m going against

    But like you said if we’re just labbing then sure but in rank / tournament lets go all out

  23. wtf i didn't know lupe fiasco beat fucking diago

  24. You should do the inverse of this, kids beating pros. Example being ken losing to a random kid in evo 2008 for ssbb

  25. "Is this all you ever do?" Hit that man soul. Honestly…

  26. I spent some time teaching my kids to play fighting games but after that I always played my best against them. Now they play well and never get tilted.

  27. Fighting Games AND Lisa the Painful music?
    Sign me up.

  28. I think it depends on the situation.
    If some random kid just wants to play a round of whatever (video game or yugioh locals in my case) then I'll be chill, and sometimes give him some openings so he can get a cool little moment off. It's not even letting kids win, its just giving them the chance to use an opening and see what they do with it, and if they pull it off, they get a victory and a good experience while it still being somewhat earned.
    However if it's some little brat talking mad crap while me and the lads are just trying to play skullgirls in a parking lot, out the back of my homie's truck, then yeah he is getting MIXED. I'm pulling out the Miss Fortune and belting him harder than his Dad.

  29. Don't know why this was recommended… pathetic and toxic

  30. As a smash player only recently getting into fgc with SF6. I love diago. Of course I knew about Evo moment 37 or whatever it's called I mean I think anyone who has played any fighting game knows that one. But everything I have seen about diago has been incredible.

  31. honestly if someone beats me in a set and pops off i aint even mad means i put up a good fight

  32. He chooses to add leer to his moveset. AYOOOO 🤣

  33. that kid 8 years later askin jwong for a runback.. what an arc…

  34. back here after the whole MK kid coming back calling out Wong LMAO

  35. "I'm a OG" "I'm a '09er"
    You gotta pick one, sonny!

    Great video

  36. 801 Strider was with Winterfox at the time

  37. The kid who Justin Wong beat would be such a hype guest commentator

  38. Skullzer got his ass kicked, came back and said you’re only getting 1 perfect this time, and proceeded to not allow a single perfect, he may have lost the battle but he won the war

  39. Mango in smash bros melee would sandbag his opponents by not playing his main until grand finals and that was straight up way more disrespectful.

  40. Some random kid: yay I get to play mortal kombat for the first time
    Justin Wong: grinch smile

  41. PR Barlogs scumbag ass did it in SF4 and lost. Chicago tournament.

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