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Tiger Electronics Fighting Games

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I hope this brings back painful memories of when you were a dumb kid who just spent their allowance on one of these things.


  1. HEY! I didn't know Gayle knew Goro…. Wow….
    Thanks YouTube! 👍🏼👍🏻🥴

  2. i had marble madness and russian attack. they SUCKED. all tiger lcd games sucked. christmas RUIIIINED!

  3. 64 bits
    32 bits
    16 bits
    8 bits
    4 bits
    2 bits
    1 bit
    Half bit
    A quarter bit


  4. It’s sooooo sad! I use to have a couple of these (lion king, Aladdin, Soccer and others) I use to think that these were the best hand held games, I think I would lie to myself because my mom couldn’t offered any other games. 😅

  5. I had one, Ninja Gaiden III, The Ancient Ship Of Doom, really didn’t like it at all. I remember I was 8 when I got it for my birthday, 30 years later and I still remember how bad it was

  6. I got this for Christmas in 92. no joke. and I tried to master it, in church, on silent mode

  7. @1:00 the life of soulless normies parallels with the tiger games. They act like their worthless lives are like Nontendo switches though and it's hilarious to remind them of what they are and watch them self harm on cue (after a period of that creepy mark of cain/shoot the messenger animalistic behavior they always do on cue before self harm or mass shooting)

  8. A few years ago I decided to buy a secondhand Gamecom, and when I got it, the screen didn't work. I could turn it on, load the game and hear the sound effects, but nothing would ever show up on the screen.

    That's the extent of my experience with the Gamecom. It was somehow even more of a hunk of junk than I was expecting from it.

  9. Still better graphics than some games today….

  10. The thing you have to take into account is that technology was mainly for games where you move left and right to Dodge or catch things, and that goes on until you lose.
    They managed to cram 6 different characters + 2 bosses AND fatality in there.

  11. These games are why people used to get made fun of for liking, or playing, video games.

  12. 7:04 from the audio clipping this must have sounded extremely loud, what exactly happened here?

  13. think id rather pretend to do a shoryuken in real life than play tiger electronics

  14. fuck you (not really) your channel is so amazing my head will explode (good thing) keep up the great content ^-^

  15. I didnt grow up with it or anything, but about a decade ago I received a Gamescom with Mortal Kombat from my grandparents who had randomly come across it at a garage sale.
    I could hardly play it, but outside of its use as a game system it was interesting to see the different features such an old device had included.

  16. I want a GameCom Fighters Megamix tournament lol

  17. There was also a Mortal Kombat virtual pet.

  18. Sonya Blade's Body in Johnny's reminds me of Shaggy with a women's body

  19. Just to let you know, the reason why Tiger Virtua Cop apparently didn't work is because you need to aim and shoot at the red pad under the screen, the one under the yellow text that says "HIT!"

  20. There is also a handheld of the area 51 arcade game

  21. I know Ryu and Ken look like there on crack

  22. I played the Tiger Virtua Fighter game and it was frustrating even as a kid but I was just grateful for anything, lol.

  23. I remember these in the stores back in the day. One thing I noticed is that the earlier games they came out with (Pinball, Baseball, Bowling) were pretty okay for the price, but the games based on a license (Starting with Double Dragon) were when they started becoming…well "Tiger Handhelds".

    Thay said, they did come out with some great versions of Pinbot and Attack from Mars pinball machines in the late 90's.

    And when I was a kid, I did try to make Coleco style arcade machines out of them using a shoebox and a Print Shop created marquee.

  24. Back in the day i had some fun with tiger electrronics wrestling games

  25. I think the difference between those who hated these, and those who love them, are if you got your first Tiger Handheld before the Game Boy (or the Nintendo for that matter) was a Thing. I LOVED my Tiger Handhelds. Baseball, Football, Pinball, even some of the actual-game-based ones like Castlevania and Jordan vs. Bird. No, they were never as good as consoles, but if you grew up with them and knew what to expect, they did a damn good job of keeping this 7-year-old occupied during the car ride to Granny's.

  26. I remember that when I was a kid, I had a weird type of bootleg tiger console which looked like a f-22 fighter which played games by introducing small cartridges on it, and one of them was a copy of The King of Fighters 97 or 98, I don't remember much about it besides the fact that iori yagami and either kyo kusanagi or terry bogard appeared on it, and also that it was really bad and not as fun as the real game.

  27. as a kid i asked for, and received, a game com, neo geo pocket color, and a cybiko. my child instincts were supernaturally attuned to failed handheld devices it seems. for the first and third of those i just knew from the marketing material they had some kind of internet capability and the idea of that blew my mind, not that i was ever able to take advantage of it.

    i only had two games for the game com. lights out came with it, and then i had williams arcade classics which included stuff like defender and sinistar. however every one of these games were impossible to play because the screen is shockingly blurry, far worse than even the fat game boy. everything just turns into mush with any motion whatsoever.

    however the ngpc ruled, and still rules. the little thumb joystick is so cool.

  28. i wish Sega would rerelease fighters megamix so bad i don't have enough money to go get a Saturn just for that game but I've wanted to play it so much since I first heard about it

  29. Someone else out there knows Carnevil!!!

  30. Tiger SF2 is honestly more robust then I would expect

  31. 3:24 wouldn’t it be impossible to dump them online? They’re physical, so you’d have to completely recreate them?

  32. I had a few of these, at the time most of us had parents that couldn't afford a game console so this was the next best thing or worst if you family would just get you the bootleg version from the flea market aka La Pulga

  33. is that guile fighting goro on the thumbnail?

  34. DUDE I had that Virtua Cop one. I actually had a lot of fun with it as a little 8 year old.

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