This New Roblox Anime Fighting Game Is INSANE!🔥 -

This New Roblox Anime Fighting Game Is INSANE!🔥

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Intro Songs –
oshi – i carmacked bastille
Odece ~ Betrayal 2
oshi – think about it
mr carmack – ain’t loyal (oshi’s version)
JoJo: Stardust Crusaders Opening 2 version 2 (Dio’s version)
JoJo: Vento Aureo Opening 1
Outro Songs
Khantrast – Genies In Bottles (Official AMV) –
My Hero Academia – Stop Them With Full Power (Rifti Beats Trap Remix)
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  1. ive been playing this game alot recently, and i love it

  2. let me guess Mobile cant play?
    other than that pog game

  3. Vegeta is busted.. heres a combo for him 3 m1's normal uptilt, normal downtilt (or downtilt first then special uptilt for a better combo, after the special uptilt you can do it again) it requires a little bit of lag on the opponents side

  4. The summoning cutscene I'd exactly like dragon ba legends one,so cool and nice

  5. Is it just me or is this game giving me a mortal combat vibe instead of smash bros vibe

  6. You think you can try playing Xeno Online again? its sad to see such a good game just die off it hasnt has gotten enough hype as when it released

  7. Bro the dev has the same rule as me I finally not alone

  8. SSBU is my favorite game I love so much and I really want sora I was disappointed at first but I mean hes good and iconic and now I can't wait

  9. their summoning is like that dragon ball mobile game its so fire

  10. hey nasu, for your dark messy manbun can you make a blonde version? 😀

  11. Hi I have a a question in Demon fall

  12. Yooo in the beginning of the vid u played grand escape finally someone acknowledges that fire song

  13. This is probably gonna be the new smash bros and the new ABA game

  14. Damn game play looks awesome, but more than that the banner reference to dokkan battle is awesome. This is first animation I've seen in games. Usually just cuts to you getting your units any other game. I think mania had one but it wasn't as cool as this lol.

  15. "Goku's balanced" in a very wrong term of balanced in both class and in game play ;-;

  16. I’m ichigo main cus of the up b and down b

  17. I remember somebody made a smash game a long time ago but there werent any characters, i think everybody had the same kit

    Too bad it didnt get that popular even tho it had some good effort put in it

  18. I've played it, the game is right but there are so problems such as naruto being unpunishable after using any rasengan, big hitboxes of moves that shouldn't be that big, big grab range, etc. but besides all that, I am very impressed

  19. They reacted the og sword fights on the highest quite well

  20. yo can u tell the person who made this to let ppl with ipad and xbox or ps4 or even pc to play cus i think the game could get more ppl

  21. yo “lazar eyes” heard that more than “i love you”

  22. I hope this game doesn’t get shut down 🙏

  23. Shonen Smash > ABA both games good btw but this Shonen Smash game is really amazing.

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