This New Roblox Anime Fighting Game Is INSANE!🔥 -

This New Roblox Anime Fighting Game Is INSANE!🔥

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Intro Songs –
oshi – i carmacked bastille
Odece ~ Betrayal 2
oshi – think about it
mr carmack – ain’t loyal (oshi’s version)
JoJo: Stardust Crusaders Opening 2 version 2 (Dio’s version)
JoJo: Vento Aureo Opening 1
Outro Songs
Khantrast – Genies In Bottles (Official AMV) –
My Hero Academia – Stop Them With Full Power (Rifti Beats Trap Remix)
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  1. The game is good but when you're gonna buy the currency on that game its so damn expensive

  2. For me Goku id most balance and fun to play character in the game

  3. Vegeta’s mode is mad nasty for knocking people off

  4. U should use Naruto, he busted as frik bro

    I mean for me he is

  5. So it's Smash Bros but it's anime.. A✨M✨A✨Z✨I✨N✨G

  6. Dude it always on pc dude like people don't no that it have mobile player's on roblox I sure that game is dead because if he did put it on all devices his game will be big but he put pc only every roblox anime game always on pc the game is dead for putting it on pc only!

  7. 4:03 aut old universe:are you sure about that?

  8. Ay, I agree there is gonna be a lot of Sora’s online

  9. Came up from the bottom
    Better move with caution
    Water breathing style final form
    Imma slay
    When I pull up
    Get thunderclapped
    My slayers run it back
    Make sure these demons remember the name
    I do em dirty like Giyu, when I'm dead calm
    Just like Yahaba I see through all your dead plots
    Slump like a god Zenitsu cut ya hand off
    Pull wit ya demons i make sure all they necks gone
    Built like a pillar,
    My lungs is breathing with no breath loss
    Dead wrong dead wrong
    Thinking that's my best shot
    Flower god flower god
    Hinokami Kagura
    Upper Moon
    Lower Moon
    Slay em' like a Hashira

  10. How do u have discord overlay in roblox? I tried doing that but it didnt work

  11. It looks like ABA, DOKAN and smashbros combined

  12. I think zoro has a combo that kills at really low % near the ledges (jab combo, d tilts, down air then up special) which has extra satisfaction points since it has 2 spikes in it

  13. Man got a whole s teir anime edit as his intro

  14. Wish I could play but im still stuck in softlock mode

  15. How do i get out of soft lock mode i legit rejoined 30+ times

  16. im confused….. the game is broken for me

  17. Am I the only one concerned that SEGA is a developer of the new demon slayer game??

  18. Fino: "nah this dude's just broken"
    Infernasu: "what do u mean he's broken, he's Dio!"
    insert kono dio da quote

  19. It’s not glitch just search up a video about what happened

  20. When are they gonna open shonen smash

  21. RIP this was my favorite game on roblox 🙁

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