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Best Girl’s Basement
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A (very) quick spoiler free introduction to Young Ladies Don’t Play Fighting Games! Use Code YAZY for 600 yen off your purchase

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  1. Have absolutely loved the first 2 volumes

  2. This seems like a fun manga to read!

  3. Dang I thought I was already subscribed! Sorry Yazy, I rectified that today. 🙂 Another great vid! [ oh and you're flashing some pretty lethal claws there Girl. Maybe one step back? 🙂 ]As for the subject Manga. We don't need to see the two "wrestle" for it to be a great romance dang it. If folks want porn, a 3 year old can access it on the internet.The romance, is the allure to a story like this. At least to me it is.

  4. I would love if this channel became a mostly manga recommendation channel.

  5. I didn't think we'd see another mix of yuri and fighting games after Someday, We'll Get There.

    I'm glad I was wrong, frankly.

  6. Not rlly related to this but you should check out Call of the night it’s a rlly good romcom manga with rlly interesting and compelling main characters and great side characters it’s also getting adapted for the Summer anime season

  7. I remb this manga, I wish it had more chapters.

  8. If you enjoyed this another great fighting game manga I'd recommend is "Itsuka Minoreba/Someday we'll get there" it actually has quite a bit in common with this manga.

  9. Arc system works has been sponsoring a fair number of anime lately and I REALLY hope this ends up being one of them.

  10. Nice to see an episode of this about a manga I was already reading.

  11. We need the finale be these girls at the finals and their FGC friends yelling:


    (Oh…Oh…Get Fucked)

  12. Oh yeah, I’ve been seeing the manga on social media for a while. And hey, SFV’s OST is a great pick for the video.

  13. Imma check this out because I somehow fall into this exact niche.

  14. I was reading this and when I started, it was announced it was getting an anime adaption.

  15. This reminded me of a manga that was about girls doing knightly combat with one girl being super-into knights and such, and the other being infatuated with her because the knightly girl saves her from a pervert.

    It also had those pages of tips and so on, so it seems pretty close, though the art was way different.

    Edit: Shoujo Kishidan x Knight Tale, is the name of the manga, cancelled already.

  16. O…oh…so we're getting a BUNCH of these this month?


  17. I’m here,
    I’m queer,
    I placed in EVO because I read a gay manga for fighting game tips and tricks,
    Get ready,
    Hold my beer.

  18. i knew exactly which series this title was referring to and omggggg its SOOO GOOD like duh thats the videos point but seriously if anyone is seeing this comment and has even a SMALL interest in fighting games or cute girls being gay as shit, this is perfect for both interests <3

  19. I love basically any series about X which was clearly written in part as an excuse for an X nerd to talk about X and get paid for it. Definitely gonna read this.

  20. passing by to recommend Teppuu for anyone looking for yuri + MMA

  21. I mean, I was already sold from your video title, but tell me more 😍

  22. You put “girls love” and “fighting games” together and bam, you have the exact kind of content to appeal to me specifically

  23. Peeped the manga when it was announced. Your introduction makes it seem even more interesting.

  24. I watched the first few minutes of the video and immediately went to read it. On chapter 7 and I absolutely love it

  25. A Yuri manga that talks about frame data and target combos speaks to me on so many levels

  26. I'm really glad Taiari got an anime adaptation cus I also have got literally zero experience in the fighting game scene and all the minuscule details in competitive gaming this author clearly puts a lot of effort recreating on pages fly over my head. Anime giving actual animation to each of the character moves would help translate that to non-initiates like me. The only gripe I have with this manga is unlike in High Score Girl anime/manga the author chose not to use IRL game titles for reference instead of made-up ones, so there's no chance of real game footage appearing in the anime.

  27. Damn with the sewerslvt shirt, AND the fgc love? Yazzy you getting dangerous out here.

  28. Oh! I gotta check this out! …..For the fighting game tips….yeah. Totes not for the girls love.

  29. *claims not to be into the fgc

    *picks the most banger track out of Street fighter V, Karin who happens to be a walking anime trope with hands to match

    Somebody over there knows what they're doing

  30. So this has my interest for both reasons but I'll find it hilarious if this gets Yazy into a fighting game lol pss pick guilty gear it's got Jack-o and may thank me later 🤣

  31. Oh my god they made a moe LTG one of the main characters. Every time I see her name on a page I'm going to have to mentally autocorrect it to "mentally untouchable"

  32. Probably the most niche audience you could think of lol

  33. Thanks bookwalker for giving best girl superchat money 🙂

  34. So to sum this manga up, "LEEEET'S FIGHTING LOOOOVE!!!"

  35. Oh my god this is girls love?! I thought it was just about Fighting games! I am so buying this now! 😍

  36. Absolutely love this recommendation and can't wait to start reading it. Amazing video, Yazzy! <3

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