This Is Your Brain on Fighting Games | Improving Neutral Strategy in a Match-Up -

This Is Your Brain on Fighting Games | Improving Neutral Strategy in a Match-Up

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streamed Sep. 23, 2021

Talking general strategy and what players will be thinking about at the higher levels of fighting game play using real world examples.

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  1. "Just to get a button* use as an option."

  2. Storm beat my ass yesterday and here I am.

  3. Wake up honey, Sajam uploaded a new FG guide

  4. What do you mean this video is new? I thought I watched this same video months ago

  5. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has dreams about weird strats, only to wake up and find out they actually work

  6. As a nago player I share this experience quite frequently again Geo players. 0:23

  7. I dropped potemkin today bcuz i couldnt kara consistently on controller.

  8. I've gone through this quite a bit in the past 6 months or so. I'm a greatsword main in brawlhalla, but outside of bcx 2020 (when GS was incredibly broken) there is almost no top level footage of the weapon, so I've had to figure a lot of stuff out myself for matchups. Some of my bigger realizations have been finding out how amazing nlight is for punishing the normally pretty safe gauntlet slight, using recovery against particularly floaty axe players, and not panicking against blasters because, despite how much I get hit in neutral, they still cannot deal with my raw damage and kill power when I do get in.

    Still have no clue against bow or lance though 🙁

  9. Problem: Pot's Fullscreen attacks completely ruin my ground game.

    Solution: Never be on the ground

  10. What the dog doin better become sajams new catchphrase

  11. the end clip about golddick is so true. The only AAs that I've found that work are Sol and Gio DP ( and theyre hard to do on reaction) or airthrow (which can be beaten by a air S)

  12. Could you explain why 2k 6h is better than 2k 2d?

  13. I hate it when chat does the thing, but your response is probably helpful to someone every time it happens.

  14. really shows how nerfing one overtuned option can make a character so much more interesting to play as

  15. An apple fell on Newtons head, and in a flash of insight, he knew how to effectively counter Gios approach

  16. The people trying to write you off so quickly are the same people that think nerfs and buffs will make them win more matches

  17. 2k really an underrated defensive move for sol

  18. Getting run over by a dog is exactly my experience against Gio.

  19. those safe buffers seem really really important to master, LK talked about it in a recent vid. I should figure out my safe buffers

  20. I think that sajam has a magical wardrobe with infinite monochrome t shorts and nothing else

  21. I’m realising that the difference between someone experienced and someone newer when it comes to this is recognising that they’re actually doing this all the time and then adapting intentionally and not sub consciously.

    Recent milestone for me was playing against a Leo as Jack O and after they started using projectile more recognising that I needed to toss servants not kick or hit with normal to get over it. I think I’m slowly getting somewhere now

  22. The tools and knowledge checks you develop for a matchup are bricks but the complaints typed in chat is straw. The big bad matchup wolf don't discriminate and your back is gonna get blown out.

  23. i think another topic that might be a decent video is how people refuse to change their gameplan/strategy once its been figured out. I had this happen with a Ky player last week

  24. 2K not just as Sol is underused. As a Ramlethal main I need to use it soooo much more.

  25. Huh, right at the time when I start using the 2K 2D safe buffer I get an alternative with REACH.


  26. But Sajam, if paper can lose to scissors why should I every play paper?

  27. As usual, the Machabo guide is an amazing framework to create a gameplan around.

  28. 2k is exactly what makes Jack-o such a difficult match up for Gio

  29. Are you sure it was the idea that struck you, or was it the Gio that stuck you?

  30. Why gatling into 6H instead of 2D? Wouldn't 2D avoid the punish situation when Gio dashblocks?

  31. This wouldnt work if the gio bothered to use 5K, like ever

  32. Huh….Never noticed it before, but the paw prints on the heels of her boots is a nice touch, lol.

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