This Is A Real Fighting Game.... I'm Not Kidding -

This Is A Real Fighting Game…. I’m Not Kidding

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WHO ARE THESE CHARACTERS!?! Today on the channel we are playing a real fighting game that features characters like Goku from dragonball, Dio from Jojo’s and Peter Griffn from Family guy!! wait what? Thats right we are looking at rivals of aether steam workshop characters and all the funny moments that come with them!

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High rank dragonball fighterz and high rank dbfz!

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  1. the kid goku and krillin sprites are from dragon ball advanced game

  2. Try and download Ronald and use the golden skin

  3. daaaamn that was just waaaay too funny dude xD best duo

  4. Welcome to rivals, where the hype is big, and the jank is even bigger

  5. My friend you haven't even scratched the surface, but I give you fair warning to beware the clown.

  6. Yea i play this game quite a bit I have exactly 160.3 hours in this game its pretty good 🙂

    Have a blessed day everyone 🙂

  7. Interesting they took sprites from Kirby Super Star for the mod, excellent choice

  8. "You'll figure them out it's just like SMASH…BRO" 🌚

  9. Image not instantly downloading Ronald McDonald, who will quote “give you nightmares for the next 3 months”
    Omg so in the character cast of og rivals of aether, there’s a 2D white box known as sandbert whose suck a memable character that some people just remake the character with different skins but the same moves. A few examples of these characters that were showcased in the video are: George Kastanza and Peter griffin. Different character and sound effects but the exact same moves and move effects. Example of the effects are that their up special sets people on fire, and when a person is on fire, they take increased damage from 1 smash attack. Both George and griffin have that, their neutral special is laser that does 2 damage and no knock back, and the original move on sandbert is that instead of whatever project that’s modded in for the character, sandbert is blowing kisses at you.

  10. When I saw the ending screen, I laughed so hard😂😂😂

    What happened? Something must of happened 🤣😂🤣

  11. 3:55, hahaha, the way krillin dodged goku's attack and wanted to do a beam attack, only to get swatted by goku.

  12. Just between you and me, that Dio kinda sus

  13. Ronald McDonald beckons you to download him and behold his power

  14. Is this only now being covered? Imma just go watch Alpharad as he played the beta since his friend made it

  15. This looks cool, but M.U.G.E.N. is still better.

  16. This isn't rivals, it's just fighterz 2 beta

  17. You should make a video where you fight against boss character mods

  18. Also some characters have special mechanics, have fun finding them out 🙂

  19. This is the funniest video you’ve ever uploaded I’m in tears.

  20. "HOW IS THIS FAIR" the crusaders when fighting dio

  21. I’m surprised you played this, this game is great

  22. 5:32 Actually n o, in smash at some % you don't do more dmg but better knockback. Only Lucario can do more dmg when damaged.

  23. Why, why did he turn into a market toy for his slide?💀



  25. An Fact: The Kid Goku sprites and Krillin Sprites are from Dragon Ball Advanced

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