This Is A Real Fighting Game.... I'm Not Kidding -

This Is A Real Fighting Game…. I’m Not Kidding

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WHO ARE THESE CHARACTERS!?! Today on the channel we are playing a real fighting game that features characters like Goku from dragonball, Dio from Jojo’s and Peter Griffn from Family guy!! wait what? Thats right we are looking at rivals of aether steam workshop characters and all the funny moments that come with them!

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High rank dragonball fighterz and high rank dbfz!

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  1. Op dio is someone not even cosmic Ronald McDonald could defeat

  2. Hey if you think this game is good and you want to play something knew you should play SSF2

  3. If there's an opportunity to do a follow up video, I suggest taking a look at Ronald Mcdonald.

  4. truly the most OP character is george costanza

  5. That Tom scream has me creasing man holy shit 😂😂😂

  6. God…. Me seeing family guy on here makes me want to unsubscribe forever. Family guy so fucking terrible.

  7. NGL, I thought we were gonna see some M.U.G.E.N love

  8. I like how doto did not stop laughing even for 1 sec during the video, it really made my day

  9. Very little effort went into most of the "well made" characters, most of them just got sprites ripped from other games…

  10. There is a few levels of fan made characters

    Actual character oc
    Smash import
    Actual person
    🅱️eter Griffin

  11. Sooo I randomly found your video and I’m not disappointed. I’m going to have to buy this game now lol

  12. Well looky there, somebody is selling you MUGEN.

  13. Btw ombamba has guns and stuff beacause when he was president he was in a military I don’t know why but yah

  14. Lemme guess you gotta pay for this and it’s like 50$

  15. Oh cool it’s an anime fighting game… there’s goku, and Dio, and…….tf is Peter doing here?

  16. Fighting game? Rivals of Aether? Not quite.
    Also, MUGEN is a thing.

  17. It is still a pity, that there is no Major Anime Smash Bros Game, on all consoles, thats probably the biggest shame, because it would be so popular.

  18. Doto, let me show you the power of the original cast of Rivals! Dio stands no chance against me.

  19. If i could recommend some characters, they would be tamat and mojibake. They are very unorthodox, to the point where you may need to dedicate videos or time off-screen to understand the basics of them, but i know you can overcome that hurdle and maybe push their meta to a new level.

  20. Doto you should play super smash brothers online or with the 3 idiot's

  21. I was hoping to see the movesets of the characters but your troglodyte of a friend could only figure out how to use one move after 6 matches.

  22. Michael Rosen is easily the best and funniest part

  23. Rhyme catching his 1st dub of the video with my boi Megaman hit different🤧💪🏾

  24. I believe i have now over 300, maybe over 400 characters in rivals of aether right now

  25. I always change my controls on rivals of aether to be almost just like in smash bros

  26. fun fact, Ranno is actually a skin for wushang in brawlhalla

  27. I came here for Peter Griffin to kick the shit outta megaman

  28. Wait… DIO was only holding back against jotaro??? Dayum if jotaro sees this he be cryin rn

  29. jesus christ you don't have to laugh so fucking much

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