This Is A Real Fighting Game.... I'm Not Kidding -

This Is A Real Fighting Game…. I’m Not Kidding

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WHO ARE THESE CHARACTERS!?! Today on the channel we are playing a real fighting game that features characters like Goku from dragonball, Dio from Jojo’s and Peter Griffn from Family guy!! wait what? Thats right we are looking at rivals of aether steam workshop characters and all the funny moments that come with them!

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High rank dragonball fighterz and high rank dbfz!

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  1. LMAObox hacker is the best character, clearly

  2. Or get M.U.G.E.N which is free…this game is 30 quid

  3. I thought M.U.G.E.N. was coming out, ya know the biggest roster ever


  5. Don't tell this man about M.U.G.A.N he'll go nuts

  6. ČRÄB ĆHÂD… with a grain of salt says:

    5:32 we just gonna ignore that rhyme plays with underdog boost?

  7. Let's be honest, it's Smash Bros x MUGEN

  8. dragonball adventure on GBA, it is a great game, beat em up/ fighting

  9. Dragonball Advanced Adventure was a good game.

  10. Was expecting MUGEN but I forgot for a moment that Rivals has their own MUGEN for Smash bros.

  11. Another good example of fighting games with downloadable non DLC content is M.U.G.E.N

  12. this is great. this shit is on my wishlist now. one day when big government daddy gives my the unemployment money they owe me from fucking months ago…. it will be mine…. until then…. I still have dragonball fighterz. love the video. first time seeing you. glad this popped onto my feed.


  14. ROA isn't MUGEN, play with the base game char, the devs really put alot of time into this just for it to become MUGEN

  15. We have gone further then an S tier character folks his name: DIO

  16. 1:55 even when he's not there, doto found a way to shoutout the third idiot 💯🙏🏽😤

  17. "BUT WHAT I'M INTERESTED IN IS THE STEAM WORKSHOP" this is just what everyone thinks of rivals of aether

  18. I know the sprite barely changes but the actual animations on George Costanza are seriously well done

  19. Had this playing in the background but I didn’t hear the beginning this shit sounded so confusing but it’s funnier rewinding it back to watch it

  20. so basically, its just a MUGEN rip off..
    how have you never heard of or played MUGEN

  21. The super best friends play theme music gave me flashbacks

  22. I can't believe Tom and Jerry beats Android 21.

  23. We need to get this shit back on the channel. It was hilarious to watch.

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