This game is Stick Fight with Spiders -

This game is Stick Fight with Spiders

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SpiderHeck is when Stick Fight meets Spider-Man
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  1. Bro is this just a compilation of all the times grizzy killed himself?

  2. Smitty you can retract your weapon by holding the grab buttob

  3. If I started playing this game, I'm pretty sure imma do a Puffer every now and then.

  4. it wasnt a crossbow, it was a lightsaber launcher

  5. 2:04 I love the way Smitty says Grizzy. Sounds like a cartoon!

  6. It's over Spiderkin I have the high ground! 😂

  7. Watching spiders killing each other makes my arachnophobic ass happy)

  8. Puffer gives off such a virgin vibe. Like never touched a girl kinda vibe 😂

  9. Ahh so the people in the plane on September 9 2011 were just screaming “Do a puffer”

  10. 9:-02 i love how matt took his chances with the cluster launcher and immediately regretted it

  11. smii7y:oh its like star wars
    puffer:(star wars music) (dying dog sound)

  12. Smii7y I'm pretty sure you get a lot of these comments but I've got all your skins in rubber bandits.

  13. The fact that they just say "THAT WAS SO COOL" rather than arguing

  14. The fucking grizzy screams always gets me

  15. SMii7Y was like: Call an ambulance, but not for me for most of the time

  16. OMG😂this was so funny i need more of this.

  17. Bro had a 50 of having a skill issue or going god mode

  18. 13:50
    “Aw Man. I did a Puffer”

    “Shut up, we’re not calling that! We’re not calling that a “Puffer!”

    Proceeds to puffer himself the second after with a rocket launcher 😂

  19. it was a mistake watching this video and eating lunch at the same time

  20. Personally I’ve came up with a better name… “Australia” Oh Wait

  21. 5:15 i was like valkyre had a weapon like that… then i renumber she did lol

  22. Again, just trying to comment on all your videos😢

  23. I like how most of them be like allahu Akbar when holding the C4 bomb💀

  24. play the PVE gamemode, i would love to see you guys get swarmed by the wasps.

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