This Fighting Game Is SO UNDERRATED (Unique Combat) -

This Fighting Game Is SO UNDERRATED (Unique Combat)

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In this video I discuss Call of Chivalry, a ROBLOX fighting game currently in development that I believe is incredibly underrated for how well it plays. It is a medieval PVP game.

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  1. Bruh I really want to play it but I’m currently not home and have no access to my pc ;-;
    I wish that Roblox was less scummy and recommended us more of these hidden gems but I doubt that’s happening sadly

  2. I barely play fighting games bUT that’s actually so cool

  3. The game looks amazing bro, will definitely try it out with some of my friends later. Great content as always🤘

  4. always love finding new games to play

    also on a second note the game is at 68 players rn

  5. i hate seeing good games have no player base

    but most of the time when a good game has no player base its prob becuase of the marketing there are some exception like pirate lineag big yt did not have tester or couldnt make vedios hyping up the gameor i just couldnt find those vids, but even when it didnt have much hype behind it its slowly growing a player base. i hope some one like infernasu or flamingo does a video on this game so thier viewers can try the game and see if they like it.

  6. mordhau but roblox
    aka the game where lag kills the entire game

  7. the game is so much fun when you only get put into us servers and have 200 ms every single fucking time holy shit thats so annoying

  8. i din't expect it to the vidio to release today

  9. Looks like a cool game. might hop in and play some time.

  10. Seems like a great game though, I'm not really big into mordhau sadly

  11. Thanks again for playing, supporting and covering our game- you really nailed it. Weapon assets are mostly done just need to get around to making more clothing and class armor sets, beerin the lead developer is also crunching in time to work on the game but can't always find time to do so, thus progress on the game might be relatively slow- yet we're determined with the direction it seems to be going, looking forward to your next video!

  12. Doesn't look bad but they definitely like botted the game. Only 41k visits and under 1k favorites but it has over 4k likes? Interesting.

  13. Looks boring if i'll be honest with a mechanic thats simple and understandable nothing much to say because of how simplistic it is other than swining weapons around practically same weapons just different designs…. Not that much challenging either considering how slow the combat is, just makes you lose the excitement after a while

  14. literally just buy mordhau it's this game but 100x better

  15. the game is actually kinda trash, hitreg is horrid, community is horrid, spammers everywhere, takes forever to unlock classes, energy isn't explained well, game's laggy, snakes and rats. stay away from this game unless you wanna become a toxic monstrosity that could rival things that came from chernobyl.

  16. If you like these kinds of games you should do a video on “bleeding blades”

  17. this game looks so fun!! cant wait to play :] thanks for telling us about it!! btw this gives me nostalgia for the game mount & blade!! [ik the sound effects from this game are from mount & blade]

  18. Man as someone who watched mordhau this game makes it so fun since the physics and gore is so lovely

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