This Brutal Fan-Made Game Got Mortal Kombat’s Attention -

This Brutal Fan-Made Game Got Mortal Kombat’s Attention

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Have you ever wanted to see Michael Myers face off against Jason Voorhees? What about Ghostface against Chucky? Well, a couple fans of both horror movies and Mortal Kombat decided to create a fan-made game combining both. Fan games like Terrordrome have been popular for decades. Though most fan made games have an uphill battle when it comes to the franchise they are expanding upon. Through the years Terrordrome has taken on a few different forms, but one thing still remains, Terrordrome is by far the most important fan made game you never played.

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Written by Ash Mitrano
Edited by Mark Eselgroth


  1. This legit reminds me of the old killer instinct games

  2. Great video essay. I can't speak for the gaming history as a whole, but the way it has changed in the last 30 years is concerning as a lifelong gamer. I see the first Terrordrome as any fan-based game, Passion Projects all made with love from what they've grew on.

    Still it's bittersweet with licensing, copyright laws (in and outside the U.S.), and the occasional corporate selfishness, it's the way it is. I think it's more of a pop-culture impact thing than anything. While I never played it, you told it's story. To me that's enough. 👍🏾

  3. I bet if you tried showing this video to Nintendo they would cover their ears and go "LALALALALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU LALALALALALALA"

  4. tl;dr- Nintendo is cancer and their fans are enabling manchildren.

  5. Sonic Mania ended up being the best sonic game ive played in a decade. Fan games and modders ARE the gaming community.

  6. I had this jawn on computer when I was younger shit was fire 🔥

  7. So it got a non-sentient thing to become sentient and pay attention!?

    Guys, please stop being low brow and calling a company by a product name. It's really not that hard.

  8. actually i have played this and it was awesome

  9. You’re confusing the devs with the legal department. The devs might not give a shit about fan games, it doesn’t matter because the legal department is gonna go after them anyway.

  10. Actually I did play it and it was such an amazing experience

  11. Games made by the fans for the fans are much better than the AAA crap that we've gotten for a few years now. Will definitely take a look at Terrordrome 2.

  12. You said degrees, but most of the people don't have degrees. Back in the day, I chatted with Jason Rubin, of Crash Bandicoot fame, and he told me only like one of the team had a degree, there were a few that didn't even finish high school. I have a degree in game and simulation programming but had been turned down by every company I applied at.

  13. I hate how some companies go straight to threats, instead of offering them an alternative solution like hiring them as a game developer, or buying the idea from the fan if they liked it enough.

  14. When I was 7 I saw YouTubers play this and thought it was mk5

  15. Love seeing underrated slashers like Matt Cordell and pumpkinhead getting some love

  16. I hate these stupid movie companies coming over to claim fictional characters. It's like a form of slavery. I fuckin hate it

  17. I think I still have the original Terrordome somewhere on some flash drive. From what I heard the dude that made the game I don't know if this is 100% true but since he made this game he didn't sell it he gave it away but when on the run because they were going to put his ass in jail for making the game can anyone elaborate on this or does anyone know more of the story it would make for one good video

  18. 3:36 yeah but the problem is Mortal Kombat didn't get the rights for the original Freddy Krueger this dude is using the original Freddy Krueger that's much better I think I did not like that they use the Remake version of Freddy I just watched the Remake again and if Robert Englund play Freddy in it and it wasn't a remake if they just did a like you know name on Elm Street 7 it wouldn't have been bad but man that Freddy sucked I don't know it just reminds me of the same character of Watchmen that he played he took that ability and made him Freddy like it was stupid

  19. If I was netherrealm or WB I would have picked these guys up try to get them to work with us to make better games but Warner Brothers is stupid and they're screwing up netherrealm bad with all the microtransactions and all this bullshit look at Mortal Kombat 1 how to buy the fatality never thought I'd be buying fatalities what's next buying I shouldn't even say this out loud buying individual brutalities for characters

  20. 7:01 hell yeah does anyone remember if you had a modded Wii there was so many good Mario games that were way better than the Mario Wii game that Nintendo said screw this you know what make your own games then then they came out with Mario maker because they couldn't keep up with people making their own stages instead of I'm not sure if they sued anyone for the Mario games but instead of getting more screwed I guess they release the maker so everyone can do it but there was so many good Mario games for that system I miss my modded Wii would like to get a modded Wii U

  21. 7:53 oh it's definitely true if someone made a better game that's free why wouldn't I play that I would still probably play the original one but if I love the game why wouldn't I play a modded one I think these companies it's all about the money 100% I don't think it's the developers that have anything to do with it I think it's more marketing and they are greedy

  22. 8:45 yeah I feel like fan games are built out of love they don't have deadlines do they make the game as they please and because of that sometimes they are better. You put deadlines on things you get MK1 I mean look at mk11 single player mode that shit was amazing now look at Mortal Kombat 1 single player mode shit look at the way you put your character together I'm not talking about different moves I'm just talking about your weapon your shoes you could make your own character in a way for your own walk MK1 not so much at least not yet

  23. 9:32 I hope I have the last update of the game that would make me happy I don't think I do I do have the game somewhere and I think that's very important if I do because not a lot of people have played that game nobody really knew it even existed I don't even know how I stumbled upon it I forget it was no help of YouTube I'll tell you that much I really wish I remember

  24. Great video kind of reminds me of odd head

  25. The way it is today with these a**** big companies is laughable…. it was true back in the day and it's true today. Fan games will be better. Sure there's some flops but the fans usually come out on top.

  26. Touhou probably has the most light version of this,just ask the creator for permission and tell them that it’s a fanwork and you can actually earn money making fangames.

  27. Why a clickbait title for a video that could have views without it….

  28. this is why i hate copyright laws. it allows companies to shut down people trying to make money. not a single dollar was lost by warner bros. from this game

  29. Motorola Razer and LG Chocolate are still the coolest fucking phones ever made and I will die on this hill.

  30. Wish more companies were like SEGA. They actually love fans who make Sonic games.

  31. All I’m going to say is, why wasn’t Fnaf included in the fan game section?

  32. My life has no meaning… I’ve never played this game😔

  33. Honestly this game is so great that I don’t see why nobody has made it yet? They could mal millions for this.

  34. excsue me, The Razr is STILL the greatest phone ever.

  35. If it was made with Unreal Engine, game will put a lot of games out of shame.

  36. I wish terrordrome would get console ports

  37. Damn this looks amazing. Also reminds me of Clayfighter

  38. This should be like Sonic Mania get a fan that's published

  39. Still better than MK1 (not that it's hard to top the single most disappointing fighting game of all time)

  40. NO i did not Looks like crap, but i can't deny the power of inspiration grafted from better versions of imitations. The power is always in the people. Fuk The DEvs. They're regular ppl before they became the "giants" they regard themselves as.

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