They Made An Among Us Fighting Game.... -

They Made An Among Us Fighting Game….

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THIS IS A REAL GAME. Today on the channel we are finally jumping in to some among us! Thats right we are uploading some among us funny moments now that the game has finally been turned into a fighting game. Of course this is actually a seperate game called among us arena but this is close enough for me!

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High rank dragonball fighterz and high rank dbfz!

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  1. “If this gets 20k views I might consider deleting my channel”
    looks at likes and sees 14k
    uh oh

  2. When are you making a video on the sonic fighting game?

  3. LOOPS! 😂💀 I love you idiots (not seen in the video: Deion/Seereax)

  4. I watch Doto and normally I get real fight game tech…this was a mockery. But I would watch this and loose all my brain cells. I wanna see what the meta is to this game lmao

  5. We're getting dangerously close to 20K doto. I hope Doya can pick up the mantle

  6. Loved the video ,but I can’t believe that rhyme kept picking top tier characters like honestly where is the fun in picking top tiers all the time smh.

  7. Dota I see you with that Deadpool UMVC3 ost;)
    You trynna slide us some Parsec Marvel…

  8. Not the game we needed but definitely the game we deserved 😉

  9. I'm a big fan of a deep forest green. Also "Welcome to the Vortex" is a hilarious representation of the combos

  10. As soon as i heard the deadpool theme from MvC3 i knew this vid was gonna be phenomenal

  11. This would actually be a pretty competent fighting game if they just made the characters move faster, and I don't know how I feel about that.

  12. Bro purple needs a nerf. Those loops were insane

  13. “if this gets 20k likes im deleting my channel” casual 15k in 12 hours good luck

  14. when dino is better at among us fighters than he ever was at DB fighterz

  15. How come whenever I’m losing or I’m watching someone lose in a fighting game, I hear seereax saying “I CANT SEEM TO TRACK HUS MOVEMENTS”?

  16. At the end Doto was really fighting for his friends.

  17. Imagine if, in all tournaments for this game, before top 8 begins the 8 players vote among them to straight up disqualify one of them from the tournament? xD

  18. I personally think red mains need to stop being so suspicious with their combo’s.

  19. Can't wait for "two idiots and professional sussy bakas" arena fights

  20. Now this is some top notch fighting game content. The intense use of all the mechanics available, this is the epitome.

  21. ngl i was gonna think this was trash but i love in now character colors need different moves

  22. So doto 2 questions
    1 what do you think about the nickelodeon all star game
    2 is more of a challenge you have to win a fight in fighters with 18s special but it has to be the krillin version


  24. If only there was anemergency meeting burst…

  25. Oml rhyme is actually the God tier raid boss in this game 😂😂

  26. Imagine an Among Us fighting game.

    This game's devs: Now u don't have to

  27. Almost 5k more likes for him to delete his channel

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  29. Bro we need seereax and Knowkami to play this game

  30. I'm kinda sad this isn't a random among us upload after the hype. I really do miss the among us train

  31. Hope yall enjoy the random video! I had a ton of fun playing the game.

    The intro though is a bit This is its own seperate game not a mod! If you would like to download Among us arena the 2d fighting game you are seeing in this video you can check out the page here: It was made by starcutter and his team is also apparently working on another fighting game project as well!

    This game was genuinely fun so I'm looking forward to what his team does in the future!

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