They deleted this game.. now its back -

They deleted this game.. now its back

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Saitama Battlegrounds slaps


►Code: sketch


► My Brother BANDI:


  1. My middle name is Isaiah so I’m crying

  2. 5 months later and the game has improved alot.

  3. I played this game since the time only saitama was the only moveset

  4. thats actually the strongest battle grounds

  5. bro thats the strongest battle grounds

  6. The games name is saitama battle grounds/strongest battle grounds

  7. If this video gets 50 million subscribers, I will battle sketch

  8. Who even watches TikTok my sister is this obsessed with it

  9. I remember when this was just uploaded and I started playing the game. MEMORIES!

  10. some time later: He was deleted and renamed (The strongest battlegrounds)

  11. 100% that he didn't notice the serious mode bar

  12. ALL YOU HAD TO DO IS NOT SMACK TALK BLOX FRUITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Crazy how I started playing after him but I am probably better

  14. The name of the game wasn’t even called that it was called the strongest battlegrounds

  15. I bet 950 dollars this comment wont get more than 100 likes

  16. turn on shift lockand get close and press 2

  17. This comment won’t get more then 500 likes,


  18. Why tou don,t click the red botton it is full serios mode

  19. Sketch melon and sunny ripped you off confront that #### rn

  20. sketch is the man whi made this game popular!

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