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Coney learns that there’s lore in the entire Guilty Gear and Street Fighter franchise and learns the origins of the classic characters you know in these popular fighting game titles.

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  1. I love this video. daisuke just making shit up. it rules.

  2. Coney should react to the fortnite storyline

  3. Lore in fighting games is not important🖕 screw that people's who say that…

  4. i feel like this is gonna become the new atrioc wrist thumbnail picture

  5. everyones hot in guilty gear. have you seen faust in strive without the bag on his head? i mean you just see an outline but damn.

  6. I-No isn’t hard to play imo she’s just not a basic rusher. Like you have to create space to then rush down your opponent. She’s got an awesome kit for newer players but takes a bit of getting used to but fairly player friendly.

  7. watching probobly the least helpful way of understanding the story lol

  8. I honestly want to make one of these for Xenoblade lore

  9. This is on par with Dunkey's video explaining the Metal Gear Solid story. 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Now we show Coney the eyeball birth clip from Strive.

    The true test of “do you like GG lore or not”.

  11. Faust is definitely NOT "just a doctor". He was a famous skilled Chinese doctor. He had a patient that was a young girl who died under his knife. He blamed himself for her death and it drove him so insane that he became a serial killer. It turned out that it was a hit by the assassins guild and when Faust found out, it brought him back enough to repent for what he had done but putting a bag on his head and wandering the world trying to save people with his doctor powers.

  12. I love how fans of Guilty Gear recommend other movies to know more lore thinking anyone actually wants to know more about this stupid story.

  13. Mate hasn't seen SHIT till he sees the Blazblue story lol (I love it but it's A MESS)

  14. I love guilty gear the same way I love Jojo’s. Everyone is hot and the lore is stupid, and both of those points are good.

  15. We not gon talk about how Coney’s been using the same white hat photo for 3 thumbnails 💀

  16. In strive I-no isn't that hard to play, your good if you want to try her. Maybe a bit hard to pull off correctly at the highest level

  17. 3:00
    Testement was Cliff's adopted Son, only now they're changing that

  18. hi mr twitch viewers can u pls tell me when the next cringe confessional is I love that series

  19. The whole Ky gear thing is actually pretty simple. Essentially it went from Justice to Dizzy somehow, then was passed on to her son Sin, then Ky and Sin swapped eyes thus making Ky half gear.

  20. The last three thumbnails with coney in it have all had the same shot lol

  21. When FCG fans discover lore in their fighting games. Love to see it!

  22. I cant comprehend being suprised by this nonsense.

  23. Coney: "The Guilty Gear character designs are so dumb"
    Ino: "Allow me to introduce myself"

  24. I love the disappointment in coneys voice when he realizes he can’t talk about the game he knows at least a little about

  25. Did the SF video skip over SF2? Or was that just this YouTube edit?

    Also the mispronouncing is driving me crazy lol


  27. Coney being surprised someone would hire Mike Tyson as a body guard lol

  28. Wait until you hear about Bridget's story and the collective bed-shitting that happened once she got added to Strive

  29. You can tell Coney knows nothing about fighting games because he had to ask if female characters were allowed to be ugly (of course not)

  30. If you want to learn to play I-no just do it. Don't let her supposed difficulty keep you from having fun.

  31. No one tell coney about the king of fighters lore

  32. "Are they married?"

    "Not yet. Kinda. Not really."

  33. The only idea I have to fix the lore of a fighting game is that the arcade mode of the protagonist is the only canon and with more cutscenes while that of the other characters would be what ifs. the protagonist would have more scenes of rivals, and sometimes scenes about the plot

  34. Kinda cringy but that summary of Guilty Gear had me malding at points lol. Hard recommend WoolieVersus's series for a more interesting and in-depth summary!

  35. I like how his chat is displayed on a tv that’s pretty unique

  36. I discovered happy chaos recently and thought he was super cool so came here to start learning about guilty gear

    This is the most over the top tropey thing ever but also kinda cool and I love it and its hilarious

  37. i love that you actualy try .
    thx for the fun content.

  38. The thumbnail of may's little smile is funny lol

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