The Worst “Top 20 Fighting Games” List Of All Time -

The Worst “Top 20 Fighting Games” List Of All Time

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WatchMojo recently released a video for “Top 20 Fighting Games of All Time” and it’s definitely questionable, do you agree or disagree with any of their picks?

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  1. They couldn't even pull event footage for this video they just had the narrator mashing for a few hours and then steam refunding the game lmao

  2. Brother this whole video is insulting but when Dead or Alive 5 came on I laughed like a fucking maniac. RIGHT AFTER CF BRUH!?

  3. actually cracked the fuck up out loud finding out number 1 with ya'll oh my GODDDDDDDDD

  4. I'm pissed that Guilty Gear isn't there, but tbf Smash is a fighting game. It is a party game, but you still pick characters to fight with normal and special attacks. It's like Mario Kart: it's a party game, but it's also and most importantly a racing game.
    Smash Ult doesn't deserve first place tho, as great as it is

  5. 0:19 I mean, based on what I've seen, it's not hard to beat you to the punch XD

  6. Can't wait for the WatchMojo "Top 20 times AnimeIlluminati fell for our bad videos" montage

  7. I can't believe Devil May Cry didn't make it 😂

  8. Deff Jam > Strive LOL! they should have just left it at REV 2 they killed the franquise

  9. I love that right after Max does a reaction to this, everyone sees how popular that is to do and they all jump on board! The godfather of the FGC leading the way again! Lmao

  10. Honestly War of the Monsters is badass. But the most offensive thing to me was putting Darkstalkers 1 and not Vampire Savior.

  11. No SF3, no USF4, no GG, no Virtua Fighter, no UNIST, no UMvC3, not even a mention of Jojo, Bloody Roar, or Melty. Just awful. List is clearly meant to entice comments and rustle jimmies.

  12. Idk about the rest of this list but when I was younger my dad brought home a PS2 demo disk from walmart that had War of the Monsters on it and it was AMAZING.

  13. The guy who wrote the script for that video definitely has a crush on Mai

  14. You know this is from like a causal point of view right. Not really made for us sweaty tryhards who only play fighting games. In that regard, its a good list. Plus they literally have central fiction in the list and persona you cannot hate its legally binding

  15. Also please dont disrespect us DOA players theres only like 5 of us trying desperately to keep our fav fighting game alive

  16. Mind makin a vid on why the larger community disregards nrs games? Lol i kno why, but i still think itd make for a pretty damn funny vid. Lol

  17. 1. GGXXAC+R
    2. BBCF
    3. P4AU

    If a game doesn't have airdashing, why even play it

  18. LMAOOOOOOOO HOMIE IN CHAT SAID "Suge Knight is banned in real life"

  19. Jiyuna needs to make his own list and still put ult at #1

  20. War of the monsters is actually better than half of the games on thus list. Easily the best game of my childhood

  21. granted smash ult outsould every game on this list by a far margin so it make sense it would be considered top fighting game in casuals eyes it has everything you would want aside from good online lol.

  22. #1 is gonna' be Melee isn't it

    Edit: GOD DAMMIT

  23. when Jiyuna started talking about guilty gear for number one I knew he would be heated 😭💀

  24. If you saw Power Stone make this list did you honestly think Smash wasn’t gonna be on it?

    I don’t agree with number one even as a Smash player (honestly I would have given it to MvC2), but Smash was gonna make this list somehow.

    I also don’t agree with Soul Calibur 6 making this list and not Soul Calibur 2.

  25. Was watching the video and only when you talked I noticed he said soul excalibur 4 lol

  26. Man fuck Ultimax, I prefer Arena Vanilla.

  27. Daaaaammn they had us in the first half…

  28. Your occasional reminder that DOA5 is genuinely really good and you have no reason not to give it a chance since it's F2P

  29. OMG they don't even have GG and they put fucking Smash ultimate as no. 1, if your gonna put a smash at least let it be melee or 4 not ultimate and why the fuck wasn't GG, why didn't they choose 3rd strike over 2, I know it's like a rage click video but still, and Vampire Savior please not night warriors.

  30. Tekken Ball is jank as shit. Only played it to unlock Gon.

  31. Man…Tekken Bowl and Force were AWESOME.

    I almost turned it off after that comment

  32. bro how you going to have a top 20 fighting game list and not have Cathrine on the list.
    Daisuke save us.

  33. I knew it was gonna be a joke the moment i saw watch mojo

  34. Soul calibur 4 (SCVI) was my favorite game on the list

  35. The funniest boob joke was that he was the boob

  36. People what you gotta understand… watchmojo delivers content. It's never guality, just quantity. When you got nothing to do, guess who's gonna be there for you? Thats right, WatchMojo. Now Jiyuna, u gotta do this again cause this was hilarious lmao

  37. LMAO Jiyuna skipping the NRS games was hilarious

  38. Ok, this list was messed up, but what is wrong about smash? I think it is one of the best fighting games.

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