The Wildest Fighting Game Duology // Persona Arena + Ultimax in Review -

The Wildest Fighting Game Duology // Persona Arena + Ultimax in Review

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big olllllllllll’ shmeat

*spoilers for p3, p4, and these games* *arachnophobia warning*

Persona Arena and the sequel, Ultimax, are fantastic. At least as a pair of fighting games. With the Persona veneer I expected slightly more outta the story more, but we still had a fun time. Mostly because of the camp. And the vore. That won’t stop me from being mildly uncharitable to the story and other modes on offer, but jazzed by the mechanics.

This is releasing in preparation for the remaster, which is coming out this very week. I should clarify that the story of Arena is available in the Ultimax remaster, no DLC or anything, all that bonus content for Ultimax is there. And it’s based off a specific patch which has prety heavy gameplay ramifications, but I figured it was out of the scope of the vid – a light newcomer’s take.

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I’ve done other fighting game videos but they’re pretty old. I guess there’s Darkstalkers from last year:

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And from AnimeIlluminati for the shadow Chie clip, found here:

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  1. Damn that part about the hopelessness hit hard. I remember playing some persona 4 in HS and the game made me feel like life was easy to conquer if you put yourself out there and apply yourself. I never finished it but I almost don't want to now because of how much I wasted my HS and college years.

  2. The upcoming version of Ultimax isn’t really a remaster. It’s just a port of the most recent arcade version which was basically just a balance patch for Ultimax. 🤔

  3. 14:47 through 16:06 – So in other words, this game is yet another complete shit show where the meta boils down to denying the other player the option to even play the game? Wonderful. Probably doesn't even know the meaning of the words Combo Breaker does it? Killer Instinct 2013 is still the best modern 2D fighter, period.

  4. I actually started my experience with Persona with Arena, liking fighters. Ended up getting good enough for tournaments and THEN between the first Arena and the anime, I ended up diving into the RPG series, and gained a new favorite franchise. I guess I'm in the minority?

  5. Fun fact, Elizabeth and yukiko are consistently rated as trash in the tier lists competitively even though they seem strong in casual play for being zoners.

  6. just finished your persona retrospective yesterday
    how did you know this was exactly what i needed lool

  7. Hmm, I don't think modes in a fighter need to exist to make you better at playing against people competitively online. Injustice2, Mk11, Blazblue Central Fiction, and even Tekken 7 have modes for players who prefer to be offline. It's good for a fighter to offer an experience to another type of player. It helps sustain the game as well.

  8. For me it was the other way around . I love fighting games so I got these . Never played the rpgs . Now I want to and I’m thinking of grabbing 4 golden when I rebuy ultamax again

  9. I will never bother with a fighting game ever again….except DB fighters cause SSJ 4 gogeta is in.

  10. Shoutout to Junpei's incredibly weird baseball themed play style. His HUD has strikes, balls, outs, bases, and runs. Hitting the enemy or a projectile loads a base. If your hit is blocked, you get a ball instead. Four balls and you get a base. If you've loaded the three bases, a new base is converted to a run. If you get hit or thrown, you get an out. If you whiff an attack you get a strike. Three strikes results in an out. Three outs and your bases are reset. 10 runs grant an install and further runs enhance it. Oh, and his supers can perform home runs, which give an additional run for each loaded base. Absolute mechanic.

  11. Awesome well made video as always dude. I look forward to your next video medium.

  12. I didn't know jack shit about fighting games or anime fighters, but Arena and Ultimax got me into anime fighters, came to them as a Persona fan and just stuck playing forever, got into more animu fighters, learned long combos after 3-4 years, now its 7-8 years, im still a filthy casual but i can kick ass and stomp skulls, play animu fighters almost daily, can't get my kicks unless i destroy friends or people online, its a fun life now thanks to Ultimax, couldn't have done it without you.

  13. I appreciate you blurring that spider egg visual my guy

  14. I’m probably in a weird position because my persona path was watching PQ trailers, then playing Ultimax and buying the Arena story DLC, then the RPG. There is a lot of flanderization for some of these characters, but with the Arena story, it did feel more “genuine” to me with some of the stories and story moments. It did feel like a bunch of friends meeting up again, and some characters did have stories I enjoyed following, namely Yosuke, Aegis, Elizabeth, and Labrys. Also it was nice seeing both P3 and P4 in the same place and how P3 fit in this already existing world (and while I do get that Akihiko may be different, I can’t deny that it looks good and like it so it should stay because I said so).

    Though the part about how this game refuses to actually teach you anything that’ll help you learn the game? That I can’t defend the game on. Sure, be zany and bullshit all you want. That makes for fun watching, but if you’re using your most mainstream RPG series and making it so complicated you need a degree to even see it all, then you’ve failed to capture those fans beyond those too deluded by P4’s name, or just the idiots who saw the box and wanted to understand what an ultimax meant (that’s me!).

    That being said though, I will defend Golden Arena mode. It’s a Fighting Game Roguelike. That’s different and cool and a nice change of pace from “don’t get touched, lest you lose the round, match, all your money, and will to play”. It’s nice. I like it.

  15. I didn't buy Ultimax because I'm a dumb angry baby and when I found out the villain was just Some Guy instead of Nyarlathotep like it felt like was being set up I just didn't give a fuck about it at all. Definitely a dumb reason but I was at 200 percent Persona 4 fatigue and had lost any and all interest in yet more P4 spinoffs, I was full force just move on to Persona 5 already.

  16. As a persona fan and a fighting fan game fan all 7 of us really appreciate your prospective k.bash

  17. To be fair to Daisuke, he didn’t write the story for +R as that was handled by an external porting company, so the weird stud master shit isn’t his fault lol

  18. Shadow Labrys is playable in both games.
    10/10, will Minotaur again.

  19. P4u was worth just to have baseball junpei what else even matters.

  20. The over the top Canadian accents get me every time lol

  21. Yo kashbash when we getting the jojo’s bizarre adventure eyes of heaven review???

  22. If I do get this game, I'm play Naoto just so I can get a gun because p e w

  23. P4A but revoiced with the entire cast of Letter Kenny??????

  24. What a great video, have 0 interest in the games but this video was dope

  25. Everyone's wanting P5 Arena.
    I just want JoJo vs Persona.

  26. I got into Persona through Arena because I was into Blazblue at the time and was curious enough to try my hands on anything Arcsys-made.

    Then I heard about this game and watched the anime to bring myself up to speed and I was hooked to the Persona series (and Megaten as a whole) as a result.

    Now I’m going through Golden on PC, and so far I’m having a good time!

  27. holy fuck the canadian accent joke fucking broke me

  28. With most of the characters basically having stands and the series being based on jojo it's more like just JoJo with air dashing and demons

  29. Imo P4AU is more complicated and technical than Strive and BlazBlue

  30. the P4AU manga does this story so much justice, highly recommend it

  31. Another dope review😎🤘,the arena games were a nice gem andi wish arc-system expanded the potiential the game has,alot of times playing i felt the game was etching me towards something more never was sure what it was

  32. The biggest sin of Ultimax is that Adachi is able to come back but not Minato?? The disrespect is immense.

  33. Can you play either Persona 4 Arena or Ulitmax on PS3 online matches nowadays?

  34. I dont know, a lot of people I know like P4U Story Mode, hell I know a guy who's big a fan of how they handle Adachi in this game where he definitely changed better as a person, but he its not immediate, its slow and calm.
    I know with a cynical eye it can look meaningless, but to someone it gave meaning and isnt that good?

  35. Daisuke does not live in fear with what he has created. We live in fear of Daisuke’s vision

  36. Jeez, that bit about the happy ending being right around the corner but the corner never turns was alarmingly profound

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