The WILDEST Fighting Game Community Moments -

The WILDEST Fighting Game Community Moments

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Coney relives some FGC moments through Crowbcat’s “The brilliant fighting game community” series, reminiscing interactions from Wolfkrone & K-Brad, Poongko & Smug, Leffen & Chillindude, Kane Blueriver & Filipino Champ, and many more! Watch the debauchery and salty moments that makes the FGC truly grassroots! Navigate the musical landscape of the skibidi toilet song. From its inception to the latest renditions. Explore the evolving musical narrative and become a true connoisseur of the Skibidi Toilet Song.

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  1. Ltg was a guilty pleasure for me until he made fun of broly legs, an actual disabled guy

  2. 16:35 this would be completely justified if the complete asshole he was assaulting… wasn’t on crutches lol. Even then you’d be forgiven for wanting to beat the shit out of the assault victim too if you knew what went on through that match, which the victim wasn’t even a part of. The true victim there was the samba de amigo machine.

    Rip Samba de Amigo T-T

  3. What does NRS mean?
    EDIT: Oh NetherRealms Studios games. Gotcha. MK, Injutice, etc.

  4. Big Booty Flux at the beginning of the video with 1 fan cheering him, if I remember correctly the crowd was very against him and he silenced them.

  5. Wolf krone is superior to Kbrad. Kbrad is just wayyy more popular so the crowd will always have his back

  6. 11:08 I don't know who Red Shirt is, but huge props to him for laughing at himself after he screwed up that bad

  7. I have to give some of these dudes some respect because I am not above headbutting someone in the nose for getting in my face like that lmfao

  8. I've been subscribed for some months now and I only ujst now noticed you have under 100k subs. I just assumed you were over 200k.

  9. Coney it’s unsafe to pick up a newborn by their feet

  10. I've seen that K9 water throwing clip many times and never knew the lady was an employee.

  11. "Was PM Ballenced well?" I broke out laughing

  12. "i gotta show him who's da awfa" I fucking love this guy!

  13. How do people not want this level of life in the FGC?

  14. Infinite Azure as the opening song and then Tekken 2 main theme right after was cool catJAM

  15. And they say Smash players are babies lmao. We are but so are you.

  16. You can see him trying to hide the pain in his face after fucking up his knee too.

  17. i miss these moments full of salt, rage, trash talk, and whatnot. nowadays you can't say a single word for fear of pissing off the sponsors, everything is toxic and everyone is at risk of being cancelled just for slightly trolling an opponent

  18. Watching this back, I love the dude who’s pissed in chat that mang0 plays low tiers in pools against him, because top players need to play their hardest in pools so you can get fucked up even worse.

  19. I'm glad someone else loves Punk's voice. It's what made me follow him. Hoping to see him at a local event. UwU

  20. I would play green arrow in injustice 2 and I wasn’t very good with him but I was a nuisance

  21. The cop being there makes sense, people were literally shot and killed at a Madden tournament.

  22. all opinions and no facts to what situation or detail.

  23. I remember being in the stream and this was how I was I introduced to these videos

  24. watching out of shape people act like they are capable of anything is always hilarious

  25. Someone in chat blamed zoomers for the no johns thing. The internet gets stupider everyday.

  26. Nrs animations look like DreamWorks cartoons

  27. The fact that these types of moments will become increasingly rare to non-existent really sucks. The best part of fighting tournaments is to see legendary pop offs and rivalries.

  28. first time finding this guys content, he looks like the will smith meme where all his features are shrunken into the face lmao

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