The Ultimate LOOSE to TIGHT Fighting Game Tier List -

The Ultimate LOOSE to TIGHT Fighting Game Tier List

Maximilian Dood
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  1. The mass disrespect towards DoA is appalling 😐

  2. Loosest fighting game – MK Trilogy for N64

  3. I would put 3s under loose, not Hella loose. Cuz it's been pretty optimized, but there's accidental parries

  4. I'd put tekken at hella loose just because you have like 4 options to deal with any attack on the defense but you can't do as crazy shit as you'd in the others on the attack

  5. Games are loose for one of two reasons. 1) they are really poorly made 2) they are very very complex and expertly made

  6. As a smash player smash 4 is kinda high tbh that game is tight as fuck

  7. this reminds me of the Doom eternal debate where within the Doom community some people where arguing that eternal limits player creativity compared to Doom 2016 because some weapons are designed to work better against some enemies like the plasma rifle shredding through shielded enemies even though you still had plenty of creativity if I where to categorize does two games I would say 2016 is hella loose to a detrimental degree where there's not much strategy or player engagement just use whatever weapon while Eternal is Loose there's definitely by design weapons that work better than others in specific situations but there is still multiple ways you can approach a scenario

  8. Bro. I had always just skipped through the video, and I didn't know the chicken tenders was MK9, so I just accepted it as 'the chicken tenders are pretty loose'

  9. Before I click play, Any list without a Tekken in s tier isn't a real one. Please continue.

  10. What is the third fighting game on SFL? (I can only see "NG DO VER D" on the picture)

  11. I just recently got back into fighting games after a nearly 2 decades long break. I bought all the most modern and even previous generation of titles I played long ago. I got MK11+X and SF5 & 4 for example. My favorite to play has been MK11 with Tekken 7 being a very close second place. I did play a ton of Tekken 3 and Tag and I was very pleased to find out everything I learned way back when could still be applied to T7. I will continue to be a fan and tout my fandom as long as they continue to reward legacy investment.

    But I can't even put my finger on exactly what it is about MK11 that makes me enjoy it. I'm kind of surprised that most folks seem to crap on the game. My only complaints with it has been that special moves seem to be a bit too difficult to execute and the <- to -> inputs in general are very obnoxious. When your dancing around with someone in neutral and a spear or w/e comes out when all you wanted to do is poke out a punch for example. And I get especially frustrated, screaming at the game "Oh, finally decided to toss one out did ya?!" But I was hoping this list would help me understand something I'm not seeing. It did not. But cool list anyway.

  12. Fist of the North is soooo fucking good. It's anarchic as fuck and I love it.

  13. I fell in love with Brawler Cassie Cage in MKX but just couldn't get into 11 because i felt like I didn't have the same crossup potential.

    I regularly beat players mechanically better than me by zoning them out with my pistol, punishing hasty approaches, and mixing command grabs (and a double leg takedown that most players didn't know was an overhead) into my rushdown gameplay

    DBFZ is definitely looser than MKX, especially when we consider characters who had reverse beats

  14. Basically any game that heavily relies on a meta is super tight.

  15. this goddamn samurai song is in every 1 of your videos holy shit

  16. i really think melee should be in mega loose

  17. Now where does def jam fight for ny factor into all this

  18. i p;lyer mvscp2 like 3 times the yhad it in a laundry mat fun asf terrible theo i was like 6 put the quarters in only last liek 2 games max and imo bets fightign game i player fun asf

  19. The criteria behind these designations needed more time to work.

  20. There are lots of fighters that looked interesting but weren't addressed that I'm unfamiliar with. Can you make a video where you briefly address a bit of each of these games and what you like/dislike about them?

  21. Yeah, this needs to be a list that gets annually updated. Fighting games get updated, so should this list.

  22. Sailor Moon Super S at the top as it should be

  23. Dark Souls 1 PvP – Mega Loose or Super Fkin Loose

  24. I want Max to tell me what he thinks about the looseness and tightness of MK1 (2023) and SF6

  25. would the tightest fighting game not be divekick?

  26. Can some one wise me up on the chicken tender lore

  27. In my peersonal opinion, futute Fighting Games should have a "Kusoge" mode for casual gaming. Where all the reasonable restrictions that are at the core of the game are just toggled off.

    The goal is less about becoming good at the actual game, but more about just style and maybe FGs can develop sub communities dedicated to it (ala Devil May Cry combo video / challenge run communities)

  28. don’t argue with max about what’s loose or tight

    he’s played enough buttcheek clenching games

  29. Watching this again. I got melee way above most of these. That “how fast is melee” video alone is crazy

  30. So… why is MK9 chicken tenders? Inside joke?

  31. I think Melee should AT LEAST be in the second highest tier here because of one very simple factor, Melee has by far the loosest Defense we’ve ever seen in a fighting game. 

    Shield light shield powershield shieldrop dash away wave dash away waveshine amsah tech DI SDI teching tech roll sit for as long as you want before doing a late tech after you got knocked down roll ledge stall and there’s definitely some I’m missing. It’s just on a completely different level, and most of these are just things the community figured on their own. By comparison something like guilty gear which is a very loose franchise we get many more defensive options than the average fighting game (still not as much as melee) but they’re all intended except debatably some niche option select stuff some characters have. Most of the melee stuff is from people messing around with the engine and figuring stuff out, that is a sign of a not just incredibly but historically loose game

  32. Off topic question but…

    Has anyone ever told you that you look like nickelback?

  33. We think differently to me tight is more tight than pretty tight.

  34. Thanks for making this tier list!

  35. Man wtf is the correlation between chicken tenders and mortal kombat 9?

  36. literally one of the worst tierlist I have ever seen in my life.

  37. Why the fk would anyone play this old games now?

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