The Two Types of Gamers (Honers vs. Innovators) -

The Two Types of Gamers (Honers vs. Innovators)

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  1. I’m really interested to hear ur opinions on rocket league esports in relation to this video essay

  2. I like this scientific approach to videogames. Nice vid man.

  3. As an actual fighter. I pick up fighting games pretty fast by using the body language of a character. It’s weird but it works. Especially once you program in responses and catch timing. My only down fall is not having my buttons down lol

  4. I'm actually 50/50.
    I practice and refine my skills in a game but move on after a few months to something new hoping the new game won't be trash.

  5. One of the reasons I loved League of Legends years ago was the diversity of builds and opportunities to innovate. Even when the meta was established for the season there'd be odd picks and strategies that work due to the meta itself, items, or champion ability nuances.

  6. How does this translate to non-competitive gaming?

  7. the Stronghold soundtrack O_O I love this game

  8. I play fighting games single player exclusively, and I do it because the sprites are beautiful (and 3D models for those that I play sometimes). I never wanted to be the best. I just liked experiencing stories. Sonic CD and Sonic Mania did that perfectly, as did Metroid Fusion and Ys I & II.

  9. I never knew why fighting games never appealed to me until now! I'm an innovator!

  10. I've never cared at all for fighting games but this video is so good it managed to keep even me interested and intrigued

  11. mine is mostly KNOW AS MUCH AS YOU CAN
    and then if it's fun, hone it! remember to keep it a bit goofy so you don't get too try-hardy

  12. I don't even play fighters, but I love this channel. You know it's official when you hit Rising Thunder Edge Theme.

  13. In Ocarina of Time, I played that game so much that I decided to do a 3 heart run, with broken sword and iron boots on as much as possible. Did it when I was a kid and it was a lot of fun. So I guess I'd more fit the innovator side?

  14. 2:00 Well, we can’t say “only in the movies” for this anymore.

  15. im afraid of innovating b/c its insanity to think people will be okay with it
    you get trolled/hated on by it seems like 90% of any game you play
    theyll leave the que/game
    theyll troll and make you loose
    theyll flame you nonstop
    Game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game after game

  16. Yeah no I just steal other people's stuff because I'm dumb

  17. I really hate online games because of honers.

  18. 5000 hours of mastering
    Child I button smashing spamming

  19. Been waiting but grateful for the video thank you guys

  20. Realistically, I’ve never innovated. I used to think that I could come up with new things, only to find out that Daigo and the others had already found out about it.
    Last thing in date was the Seth’s HK Tatsu frame trap in SFV.

  21. 3:48 dick tree getting to level 99 in the first reactor is the absolute last reference i expected to see here

  22. Is fantasy strike a good game what do you think?

  23. 9:50 this is why Overwatch is dead, nothing new in the past 2 years while they're working on ow2. That is how you kill a game, they're lucky the fanbase is loyal

  24. Brawlhalla is most likely the perfect example for an innovator game. Sure, there are skill ranks to keep new players from fighting the more skilled players but it resets every season and most players do their best to win, so if you are playing Ranked and its your first time touching the game you wont have a chance to compete.

  25. That was three times longer than it needed to be and it showed a clip of League without mentioning how intensely the League design team hates innovators.

  26. I started to play and learn GG Strive and upon learning some basic BnBs with Millia I stopped and spent around 10 minutes trying stuff and actually found a combo that isn’t on dustloop. I felt very happy. And also got BlazBlue Central Fiction just to better my execution as a player and to be more comfortable and faster on my stick

  27. Can’t believe we almost got a turned based Street Fighter

  28. "One is about muscle memory and the other one is about memory memory"
    So memory memory is a thing now ? How educational !

  29. The best-selling game of all time is Minecraft. Does Minecraft reward honer or innovator?

  30. Street Fighter ll y Ajedrez….
    Ajedrez y Street Fighter II
    Juegos muy similares entre sí.
    Grandioso video!🤘

  31. didn't expect this to only be about action games. Hoped it'd say something about people who do build-crafting in games with configurable characters

  32. "To defeat the enemies, you must become the enemies," – Sun Tzu, Art Of War

  33. I would be incredibly interested in a turnbased fighting game.

  34. There are 3 types of gamers. You left out casuals.
    It's not bad to be a casual, I might be sweaty in 1 game (starcraft), while I'm a total casual in another (guild wars 2).
    If you're always playing every game like a god, you end up having no games to play with your 6 year old nephew.

  35. Crysis 3 TDM needs 1 more players to begin!! On 360, not remastered version.

  36. What percent honer and what percent innovator are you?

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