The Top 10 GREATEST Fighting Games Of All Time -

The Top 10 GREATEST Fighting Games Of All Time

Maximilian Dood
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After years of rating and reviewing other large media sites’ official Top 10 lists for fighting games, Max has finally decided to make his own! He counts down the ten most influential and genre-defining fighting games of the past 30+ years and discusses why they deserve a place on this list!

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  1. Ok man, what happens to you with Neo Geo games. I think Samurai Shadown 2 and KOF 98 deserves to be in this list

  2. Tekken 3 and mvc on ps1 got me into fighting games I remember blistering my fingers playing mvc

  3. Agree with a lot of these. Especially MvC2, 3rd Strike, Melee, Tekken 3, and Mortal Kombat 2

  4. I love fighting games… and I've never played street fighter

  5. What about dbfighterz maxxxxxx?! I feel like it should have made it somewhere on the list! Great top 10 either way

  6. I was there in the arcades when all these games happened, so I know exactly what Max is talking about. MK2 and virtual fighter were indeed huge and just propelled fighting games forward. But obviously Street Fighter 2 is the grand daddy of the them all.

    However, there's one game that Max didn't mention that in my honest opinion, as someone who was born in the 70s, is THE fighting game of them all Yie Ar Kung-Fu. This is the original fighting game.

  7. 2.5D was introduced in the SF EX series. SF4 took inspiration from it. Then, SF6 copied the Modern vs Classic controls in FEXL. Capcom have always been copying ARIKA for all their "innovations".

  8. I remember playing the demo for MVC2 on the playstation. Instantly hooked

  9. lol. MK2 in 3th. facepalm At the same time, he forgot to mention KL
    MK should be in the top 10 lists of crappy fighting games
    We know that Ed Boone is paying u to mention MK

  10. i gotta be honest, this was hard to watch. not that i disagree with the games you chose, but when you start to explain why, you sound goofy af

  11. That VF2 take is absolutely correct. How can anyone of seen such a masterpiece in 1994, the only game that was litterly mind blowing. It took years for the competition to even catch up to VF2, the combat is fantastic, difficulty was something I appreciated and no game changed the 3d fighting genre like VF2. Having said that the 1996 VF3 on arcade is absolutely mind blowing, to have those graphics also was ridiculous and set so many standards for future fighting games that you really didn't see till Soul calibre 1 and onwards into the 2000s. To say VF1 to 3 were innovators is one thing but to make games that blew out the 3d competition for nearly all thr 90s says everything and VF2 deserves to be on this list. I can only imagine if this had debuted on a successful console, also the port was excellent, one of the best ports in the 90s till soul calibur came on the dreamcast.

  12. Kof,street fighter,mortal kombat,tekken

    Greatest fighting games of all time

  13. DefJam Fight For New York Is the best fighting game ever🍾🍾

  14. I actually like Virtua Fighter 2 more on sega genesis. it was sooooo fast

  15. Man Idk i have to disagree with smash only because it runs like such shit and the game is SO basic. Like so basic.

  16. Thank you so much for making this video!!

  17. Samurai showdown, Fatal Fury, guilty gear, street fighter, KOF, DOA, Bloody Roar, Virtua Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Soul Caliber

  18. back in the 1990s, my dad asked me if i wanted playstation or a sega saturn…..i, being 10 years old, picked saturn. And we had 3 games, Virtua Cop, Daytona USA, and Virtua Fighter 2. and we played VF2 more than the other 2. I remember i couldnt beat my sister and all she did was mash buttons. I always played kage-maru cause i thought he looked cool and my sister would always play Sarah. Such great memories and i had no idea at the time i was playing one of the most influential fighting games. it was just fun.

  19. Nothing like the beauty of the simplicity of kof98

  20. I think that the title of this video is incorrect, because of list you made is the most important fighting games of all time rather than the best or greatest ones.

  21. "Greatest" leans more into personal taste, which is where Max's personal list makes sense to me. But a list like this is more focused on impact, legacy, sales and iconic status, so a more apt title is "the most INFLUENTIAL" fighting games of all time.

  22. When this fellow says "the whole world", he clearly means USA and Europe. Maybe also Japan.
    Listing the 10 best fighting games of all times without including even a single SNK title is a sacrilege.

  23. I don't know why fighting game enthusiasts can't just give their best games instead of always listing the most "influential" and nostalgic yeah MK2 might have done wonders for the genre but it's not like you can really play it today with modern standards.

  24. MvC is the goat imo. Every character has the same button combo but felt different. Ie playing hulk feels way different than chun li. It takes skill but it’s assessable because you don’t need to learn specific buttons. Parrying team combos is a joy. And coming back with an inch of your life using the X factor is the greatest feeling. Love it. So many good memories

  25. People crying over smash entries when you can literally have that game on a console alone and it would sell more than most of the games your crying over

  26. Instead of SFIV- Guilty Gear instead of Virtua Fighter 2- The King of Fighters

  27. The love for Street Fighter 4 is so real. I love that game! The detail in the background environments and the character designs are so amazing!

  28. No SNK mention is really sad, but at least Virtua Fighter was remembered

  29. It's weird how Brawlhalla doesn't get much attention when it has 100 million players with 20million monthly players (crossplay). Insanely good tournament entries online and LAN, massive prize pools, consistent developer support, extremely active community. It's not nearly as recognized as Smash (it does not have the massive legacy or storied history of it), but it deserves some praise imo. It's different from Smash in basically every way but the genre. People are very quick to discount it without giving it a serious try and how good high level competitive play is. Also one of the most balanced fighting games ever.

  30. bro you lost all credibility i thought you where the biggest fighting game youtuber! but no jiggle physics doa? bro serioulsy hjiggle physics changed the world

    /sarcasm but not really hahahah

  31. Max, I can't believe you don't have cvs2 on there

  32. Soul Calibur 2 was so big in my childhood. Tekken was already one of my childhood games and so Yoshimitsu and Hiechachi being in the ps2 version was a no brainer for me (though heihachi turned out to be one of my least favorite fighters in it as a kid, hes super fun now though). I loved the story mode and how replayable it was it was more than just beat 8 or so people in a row with everyone. Played Soul Calibur on the DC years later and loved it too man and how many unlockables there are and they tease you with showing you how much is left to unlock

  33. I don't think Tekken 1 exists because of VF2, more likely because of VF1, because that game was released a year prior to Tekken 1. I don't think devs could make games THAT fast, releasing a game inspired by one that released the same year, i don't think it makes sense. It must have been inspired by VF1 for sure.

  34. I'm shocked that KoF is not included. it is one of the biggest fighting game. and this is the first time i heard about virtua fighter.

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