The Successes and Failures of Fighting Game New Generations -

The Successes and Failures of Fighting Game New Generations

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0:00:00 – Introduction
0:00:22 – Tekken 3
0:03:51 – Street Fighter III
0:07:06 – Garou: Mark of the Wolves
0:09:30 – SoulCalibur V
0:13:57 – Mortal Kombat X
0:18:53 – Conclusion

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  1. I wish SoulCalibur got the same love as Tekken. It’s the neglected child sibling of the two.

  2. Love Rock Howard and Terry Bogard 😍😍 Thank you for including them in the video

  3. At least SFIII was brimming with soul and creativity. The new characters were a hard pill to swallow but gave you comfort during the aftermath. The new cast manage to achieve the same memorable criteria that the SFII cast has. When you think of Guile you think sonic booms, when you think of Chun-li you think of spinning bird kick, the same can be said about the SFIII cast. When you think of Urien, you think of aegis reflector, when you think of Yun you think of genei-jin. What sort of memorable criteria can you think of from the new characters from SFIV, SFV, and SFVI without Googling them? What do you think from that. . . . . . Abraham Lincoln impersonator from SFV or VI? I already forgot where he came from because both games look similar.

    SFVI feels like a woke remake of SFIII.

  4. At least Takeda is returning in MK1 as DLC he is def the best of the new kids for MK

  5. SC5 was so bad it actually hurt. I loved the previous titles as my favorite fighting games. Thousands of hours into SC4. Most likely my cultural difference but those siblings were UNBEARABLE! The way they spoke and interacted was so cringe it hurt.

  6. 2000: fighting games free maps free characters and sick story
    2023: fighting games 18$ characters pack that ain't even cannon to the story.

  7. 2000: fighting games free maps free characters and sick story
    2023: fighting games 18$ characters pack that ain't even cannon to the story.

  8. 2000: fighting games free maps free characters and sick story
    2023: fighting games 18$ characters pack that ain't even cannon to the story.

  9. I like watching videos by people which are well informed and have a calm voice and type. Great video and very interesting!

  10. I haven't played Tekken, but I appreciate that Jin has gloves simmiliar to Star Platinum

  11. I really disagree with the Sf3 section. First, a new protagonists can be totally different from the old one and work, look at Yugioh as of example. Second, Street Fighter is more about different fighting styles,people from different parts interacting, and rough street fighting. It seems a bit simplistic just to say its about the shoto archetype, it’s only weird to not see Ryu or Ken in a Street Fighter game because they’re so iconic.

  12. I understand that Street Fighter 6 is a “new generation” in the sense that a lot of time has passed, but it doesn’t feel like a new generation. Almost the entire SF2 cast is present & Juri is present from 4. And (now) 2 SF5 characters (soon to be 3 when Ed comes). It kinda feels like the SF6 newcomers are just new game new characters and not a new generation of characters, with some characters designed to be successor characters (Lily, Kimberly, and Jaime).

  13. Honestly I'm pretty torn on this topic.

    just because Paul Phoenix is supposed to be like 60 years old for Tekken 8 and he's still both cringe, dumb, due for a replacement, and still the most fun character I can play…

  14. Ay, at least were getting Takada for dlc in mk1

  15. Will people ever remember that mortal kombat had battle damage and gore wasn’t just some weird playdoe blood spurting out.

  16. T'was an old username and I'll change it soon. says:

    Street Fighter has one of the least interesting and most forgetful stories imo

  17. Luke being a dlc character in sf5 will help the new gen of street fighter as you get to see part of his backstory in his character story

  18. It is fascinating that Tekken 3, despite being the most revered entry has no retro-gamer base, while SF3 (as the pinnacle of SF's 2D era) has had a complete revision of its reception.

  19. i never like any fatal fury for me all games same simulat defrence 5-7%

  20. another next generation fighting game you missed. Battle Arena Toshiden. the B.A.T. 4 also has totally new generation different from the old.

  21. I see a lot comments saying SF2 protagonist was guile. I disagree. Every SF2 game character selection starts you on Ryu. That’s a huge endorsement, and counterproductive move if they were actually going with a whole new protagonist. The Super SF2 series had Ryu in the opening and then once again he is the first character on the selection screen. Same with every other street fighter game, plus ryu is the SF ambassador because he always appeared in cross ups. I never seen SF represented in a cross up game that didn’t have ryu on the roster. Even the SF movie with guile being the main protagonist, but ryu was in a prominent spot in the movie.

    So maybe through some fanatic research people may have learned that there were new protagonists, but it is clear as a day that Ryu always been their guy. It’s safe to say that Ryu and these new protagonists, were just sharing the spot light with Ryu but never was there a point when Ryu wasn’t in the spotlight.

    If you read something that’s different than what you actually saw, do you take the side of the literature or the actual representation? The answer is the latter, businesses make money off what they put out in front of your eyes, not what you read about from some behind the scenes creative meeting.

    To simply put: you can remove any character and it will still be SF, but not if you removed Ryu.

  22. Third Strike characters at first were failures but over time they grew to be beloved!

  23. I think SF6 is setting up the new generation very well, and I'm not talking about Luke, Jamie, Kimberly, etc. I'm talking about characters in World Tour mode that we've been introduced to. There's characters like Li-Fen that adopt their master's style. Then we have a plethora of characters we meet that can easily be added into the next game's roster after being fleshed out in SF6's world tour. I'm excited to see how the SF teams handles this.

    Also, don't get me wrong. I absolutely love the SF6 newcomers. Luke was the only lukewarm one imo, but even he grew on me after playing through World Tour.

  24. It’s a shame we never got Liu Kang’s son. Hopefully now that we have MK1 coming, we can get Liu Kang’s son allianced with the kombat kids

  25. While Luke over in Japan is bland, the American release with Aleks as the English VA has actually began to grow quite a following

  26. Nice overall analysis. But I think Tekken 3 had the best new generation introduced. All the elements mentionned in othergames considered, the introduction of Hwoarang in regard to Baek was one the best transition made in the game instead of Jin's in my opinion. And I believe the change brought in by the introducion of Devil Jin and Jin's new karate style as the striy progressed was well done in regard to the developement of the Mishima storyline. I guess what I want to emphasize on is that the storyline and plot should be logically related to previous games events in order to make the new generation of characters more credible and less unfaailiar or unrelated to the game.

  27. Is it me or does Cassie Cage look older in MK X and younger in MK 11?

    Also has even been established if the revenants are doing this by their own free will or being controlled? Why would past Liu Kang apologize if the rules don’t even make sense?

  28. I remember importing Tekken 3 as it wasn't out in Europe for 6 months(u don't know how easy u have it now gamers)
    The SF6 TMNT crossover is a total rip off

  29. Oh and who remembers the bonus disc that came with rival schools as the mini games like baseball was very addictive ❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  30. The good news is Takeda will indeed be in MK1, granted as a DLC character but at least they haven't forgotten him completely.

  31. Tekken: "Women over 37 can't fight."
    also Tekken: has a 101 year old man fighting sumo wrestlers

  32. This is a very good video. Nice concept and well presented. Good on you Snake! ☕️

  33. Ya know who does Generations perfectly? JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

  34. And now Kuma has some traces of Heihachi´s moveset, for the look of things.

  35. 4:35 Before the interquels, I presumed Bison was permanently vanquished by the events of SF2, specifically Deus Ex Akuma, and this had already been continuously underlined and circled by the plots of SFA. It made full sense that a later tournament with a different superpower would bring different challengers: Sagat, Guile, T Hawk, Chun-Li, Dhalsim and Cammy were over it, Dee Jay, Honda, Zangief & Blanka were just silly guys not needing to enter every tournament, maybe sensed the more sombre vibe, Balrog and Vega (and Sagat?) were disgraced. We can say Fei Long was busy or died young 🙂
    Keeping Bison as an evervillain trope undermined the new-arc-per-game concept of 1,2,3 and made him tedious. It was true to the reinvention of 2 to reinvent for 3, showed a diverse world. But they screwed it up by making a new stretchy guy and a new sonic boom guy

  36. 5:20 Ryu was still in the game, alongside two headswaps, and fans would assume he's 'the protag'; without checking I guess the cursor may have started on him in the character select screen. I feel like the idea that Alex is the game's protag is more lore than outcome, and a logic by which Guile is the protag of SF2

  37. awesome to hear a Westerner pronounce Japanese names correctly

  38. still commenting:
    glad you brought up the thing about elder women, something games have often struggled with
    Tekken 3's frozen-women plot felt like an excuse to keep them young, and replace the others with daughters they had when they were 20. I felt SF5 (and 4?) did the same, ostensibly ageing men but not committing to it for women, unless you measure age in jiggle. SF6 is finally moving on.
    Maybe I give SF a pass for its worldliness.
    Maybe especially in 2D, new generations feel welcome to me. In 2D, redrawing someone anew feels halfway redundant, with a goal of replication. In 3D, it feels more like refinement, graphical progress.
    and it was via this video that I learned of NEW GAROU, whoah! thx

  39. At the time Tekken3 was so much better than the first 2. EveryoneI knew loved that game and didn’t really like 1&2.

  40. SF6 is fully out now and I can say that the story mode, as goofy as it can be, helps make getting to know the newcomers easier, and for the most part all of them are fun and enjoyable. Luke is a dork, Kimberly is fresh, and Marisa is so big and jovial.
    They slot in nicely without feeling like they took anything away from another character.

  41. I mean, I’m never playing Soul Caliber 5 since Taki isn’t playable, Sc without Taki is like KoF without Mai

  42. Think about the myriad of bands that had a legendary debut album but for whatever reason fell off right after.
    So with Mortal Kombat it's always possible that when the creator's were young, hungry and eager to prove themselves, in the days of the very first game, they were simply more creative than the 50 year old men of MKX. I'm obviously oversimplifying. I'm sure there were plenty of young designers on the MKX team. They're just not the bosses. What I'm (poorly) trying to get at is there has to be a reason the kombat kiddies were so painfully bland. There had to be some factor we're not considering. They look like something out of an Atari Jaguar game or something equally generic. Or maybe it was just a bad idea (let's do a young version of the good guys) they ran with even after it clearly wasn't "working." How did they get past the concept phase?

  43. FYI Lars is new generation he should have been in the thumbnail instead of jin

  44. A lot of people are bringing up KOF. That's like MK switching out protagonists in the Midway era. There's no substantial gap in time or change in the roster.

    And why do people think I said KOF and Fatal Fury are in the same timeline? I didn't. Stop making things up and correcting them.

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