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  1. Not surprised considering they said they'll be quiet on SF6 for a while but I still feel bad for y'all lmao

  2. theres already been so much news that I didnt expect much from this showcase lol

  3. I mean, Capcom already said they're gonna spend more time working on it before revealing anything so this wasn't really a shock to me. This presentation was really short though, at least Monster Hunter & Resident Evil fans are happy

  4. Literally the twitter page said there were not going to be more announcements for a while wdym

  5. It is a little disappointing that there wasn't another character reveal, but then again, Capcom has been very generous with the SF6 info this past week

  6. Only watched for SF6 or Asura Wraths 2 or Remake and I got none of that…

  7. Saintcola going through the stages of grief…

  8. They knew this was gonna happen so they posted on Twitter that they're gonna be quiet for a while regarding news on SF6 days before the presentation. Capcom's not the type of developer to say "we won't be showing anything" and then try to surprise everyone. If they're gonna announce something, they will let you know in advance like an announcement of an announcement. Fingers crossed for Dragon's Dogma 2 though

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