The Secret to Getting Good at Fighting Games Is Evolution, Baby -

The Secret to Getting Good at Fighting Games Is Evolution, Baby

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  1. my advice to the person who asked the question would be to make your question more specific. saying “im in purple ranks. advice?” isnt a specific enough question to be genuinely answered imo.

    if you actually have no clue why youre not improving then watch your replays or get someone else to

  2. This is some of the best advice i've heard in a while! 😀

  3. once again frame drop a video that can be applied to many competitive endeavors and not just fighting games

  4. Where can I find this stream or stream recording?

  5. I have this practicing method where I keep 5 replays each of the same character but played by 5 different players and observe how do they deal with Negan.

  6. Ever since I hit Fujin I knew that I was good 👍🏾

  7. The thing that has helped me learn fighting games a lot which isnt talked about enough: playing different fighting games. BBCF helped my offensive strings and pressure, KI and GG help with mindgames while you are getting hit, etc. Playing other fighting games makes your fighting game mindset better in general, try other games out, it helps you understand your heart in terms of what you find fun or not.

  8. The thumbnail reminded me of Tekken X Street Fighter. They game we never got.

  9. Playing lame and waiting for my opponent to do something funny worked for me.

  10. Relearning is something that completely opened my eyes recently.

    Someone sent me Anakin's video on Conditioning and Timing (it's a good watch for anyone that hasn't seen it). I've seen it many times before, but that was a few months ago. I rewatched it for the hell of it, and my goodness it's probably the best thing I've done in the last couple months.

    It made realize something, and that is, I should relearn the game every so often. Yes, I saw the video already, but I didn't understand the importance why Anakin was talking about what he was talking about. He's only going to include information he thinks is important, and he understands why it's important, but my understanding of the game at the time was not at the level yet to where I myself could understand why what he was saying was important. I understood the information, but I did not understand why that information was important.

    Now, after seeing it, it was like a revelation. So many things made sense. It made me realize that I should return to all the educational material I've seen and learn the basics again.

    I play Asuka, and I realized I haven't looked at her move list since I started learning the game. When I started, I did what most people probably do: go through the whole thing, and try out whatever moves I can remember during the match. Filter those down to moves that can be used generally, moves that are situational, etc. However, my understanding of the game is much better now, and when I revisited her move list, I noticed things I didn't notice before. I noticed a lot more utility with moves like b+1+4 and WS+3+4.

    I think anyone that's currently struggling should relearn the game, learn how to swing the golf club again. Start from the bottom, the basics. Your understanding of the game is most likely much better now, so you'll almost guaranteed notice things that you didn't notice the first time you learned it. A lot of times, a player's ability to apply the basics is what separates them from other players.

  11. glad you ended up clipping this, this is such a good way of approaching the genre.

  12. Personally what helped me was finding the right character for me, later I realized that all this time I was practicing with characters that did not suit my style in a way. Once i found my character I was able to do combos, mix ups etc. It was easy to learn the character for me because it just made sense. You just have to find what works for you.

  13. You make one of the best youtube thumbnails I've seen

  14. frame-u whisperer ggs your steam profile is private so had to go to your tube <3

  15. Dude your understanding of tekken is genius u talk about all the things I think about. Truly a treasure to tekken community. Thank you

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