The religious fighting game | Fact Fiend #shorts -

The religious fighting game | Fact Fiend #shorts

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    Video Game where you can kick other deities' asses as Jesus: exists

    Old School Conservatives: 🤯

  2. It's a real fighting game too, the people behind this also made fight of animals which is insanely fun for how goofy the premise is

  3. When you playing as Jesus instead of it saying finish him it says crucify him.

  4. Missed opportunity not to use Revelations Jesus

  5. I bet you there's not a Muhammed you can play in this

  6. What's funny is Jesus is also top tier 😂

  7. I thought he was talking about Smite for a second. I thought wait did they actually add Jesus

  8. And its the one place you wont find Mohammed. 😂

  9. Is Mohammed just a floating ball with some squiggly lines on it

  10. This needs to be remade to current gen consols

  11. If they were brave they wouldve put allah

  12. Would've been cool if Jesus carried the cross on his back and uses it as a weapon

  13. God of war can do then it’s all good rightv

  14. i think Moses would be OP on the water levels

  15. Does it have the prophet mohammed and allah?

  16. Sounds like shitty smite. But smite had the brain to not include jesus

  17. One religious figure is suspiciously missing

  18. Dude we need a remake of this in the god of war ragnarok engine

  19. I remember Funhaus playing that game and it was hilarious lol

  20. I remember this game. It also had Santa as a fighter too. He was jacked.

  21. It seems so wrong…but it sounds so cool

  22. Game on release: This shit sucks, and no one will buy it.

    Game now: Holy shit this is sick! And it's only six years old!

    It was originally released in 2017, and it's from a taiwanese developer.

  23. If the only value of your content is that you're describing and showing content that someone else made you should at least have the decency to give credit.

  24. I see why Jesus didn't get off the cross. Because if he did nobody would be telling that story.

  25. Man just explained how to make things cool and boiled it down to a “religious fighting game” that’s like me going guys have you ever played War on Religion 1-3 before? Kratos is so cool. 🤣

  26. Imagine if in game jesus had a few moves from the Ethereal Snake video 🤣

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