The Puzzle Game That Became A Fighting Game - Catherine -

The Puzzle Game That Became A Fighting Game – Catherine

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When one thinks of an esport, a game like Catherine isn’t what typically comes to mind.

Developed by Atlus, Catherine is a cross-genre video game divided into two parts, a social simulation where the player as Vincent Brooks makes choices between the women in his life and a series of nightmare segments where one must apply puzzle-solving skills to navigate through three-dimensional towers.

While not originally developed with esports in mind, a competitive scene began to develop around the game’s multiplayer mode. This is the story of Catherine esports.

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  1. atlus should support catherine by releasing new update for ranked multiplayer. maybe sounds stupid but this might work.

  2. bro you saying 'toph' in this weird way, just exposed you as someone who hasn't watched ATLA yet.
    respect -1

  3. How's a comeback mechanic considered a rock-paper-scissors mechanic?

  4. I remember I played this game around 7 hrs a day at one point and I remember that I had dreams about this game.

  5. Grow some chest hairs and cover some quake esports… 😉

  6. is this gonna become like melee and catherine will become a top 10 esport based on one documentary.

  7. Thanks humble bundle for letting me discover this

  8. If they made cheating as an Esport, My dad would be the champion.

  9. Man, I really can’t wait for the next tournament

    I’ve been watching vids and I really wanna pick up the game now.

  10. Does Catherine full body still have the tower of babel glitch that makes finishing it impossible?

  11. I love how this is considered a fighting game, but to many people smash is not.🗿

  12. Catherine is one of my favorite games of all time. I would love to find a multiplayer community to practice with. This sounds really cool.

  13. a competitive 1v1 game doesn't make it a fighting game, what's next Tennis? Pool? No thanks.

  14. Catherine is legit one of my favorite games, so the fact that it managed to spawn such a passionate community and a competitive scene at that, is surreal, it warms my heart

  15. Dude this is dope, I've been a fan of Catherine for years but had no idea people were making it competitive

  16. This actually looks pretty fun. I wonder if the developers will ever consider a standalone version with more options for customizing rules and things, more game modes, and support for more players.
    Oh and online multiplayer of course.

  17. I have almost all versions of this game, the pc version is the best version. The switch version is by far the most convenient.

  18. I thought I've seen everything that's going on in 2020, but damn I did not expect this even in my fever dreams

  19. Yo who gives a shit about some edgy "I don't believe in myself" low self esteem ass block pushing relationship simulator game?

  20. this game is and has always been udder garbage, its funny to see people play it as if its good hahahahahhhaahhahahah

  21. It would have been great if you explained the basic mechanics of the PvP before going into a deep dive… But it was interesting still I guess…

  22. Amplitude was the same way and it would make a great competitive game, except for the random elements of getting boosts. Attacking your opponent is just as valuable, if not moreso, than actually scoring points.

  23. Girl named Catherine: So what's so special about you to hit on me?
    You: I created a new Meta and Crowned 1st King of Catherine in FGC.

  24. Catherine was pretty fun but the story did not ring true of relationships at all.

  25. 6:59
    Imagine going to a club and need to impress some people so you say
    “I am the king of Catherine”

  26. the blood add made me think, if it only lasts 42 days what do they do with it after that… thats allot of blood

  27. why not put netcode into the Full Body release ?

  28. I wish smash bros had this kind of support from nintendo.. fking shameee

  29. That hug at the end was incredible.

  30. jeez, i adore catherine mostly for the story and what it did for p5's artsyle, i had no idea there was this whole other layer to it.

  31. If only some fighting games like Smash Bros could have had puzzle game characters like Bub ‘n Bob for example

  32. The fact that you said much more mature themes was pretty funny. P4 literally has a suicide in like the first 4 hours of the game

  33. I was really hoping for a fighting game with catherine's art style…

    and thats exactly what I got

  34. The game is damn incredible for competitive play. So fun.

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