The Puzzle Game That Became A Fighting Game - Catherine -

The Puzzle Game That Became A Fighting Game – Catherine

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When one thinks of an esport, a game like Catherine isn’t what typically comes to mind.

Developed by Atlus, Catherine is a cross-genre video game divided into two parts, a social simulation where the player as Vincent Brooks makes choices between the women in his life and a series of nightmare segments where one must apply puzzle-solving skills to navigate through three-dimensional towers.

While not originally developed with esports in mind, a competitive scene began to develop around the game’s multiplayer mode. This is the story of Catherine esports.

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  1. If catherine is figthing game, I guess Chess and Tetris are as well and Scrable is a free for all wrestling game.

  2. Find an esport where players clap at each other after finishing a match

  3. This begs an Indie game called Katherine with NetCode

  4. Didn't realized this became an esport?? Tho that game is really creepy yet beautifully made.

  5. I like how u say maryland, the y is silent

  6. These communities are so heartwarming to watch, i can't explain it

  7. catherine has the best story out of all esports games (low bar ik, but it is something)

  8. Why do I think this game has the same style as persona

  9. It's a shame Catherine isn't being promoted more regularly

  10. Wait wait wait, Catherine is considered a fighting game by the FGC but Smash is still sus? WhaT?

  11. Can't believe this game is from Personas studio

  12. holy crap this unlocked a forgotten memory of mine.. this.. is the game that turned me gay.

  13. Damn, Aus plays this game!! Haha im down here.

  14. me: they don't know I play competitive Catherine

  15. Don’t blame Catherine for having no netcode when it was never supposed to be that kind of game.

  16. Yeah the multiplayer is awesome. If they had made it online this game would've sold millions. It can still happen. I hope

  17. It's too bad the multi-player online is not huge. I be waiting for like an hour to get a match and it's so fun to play with others. It's also sad that people ragequit, and this part has been every match that I've played. Turned me off since that means I can't play with anyone, but still incredibly fun to play with others.

  18. To my great shame, I have never beaten Catherine. I'm really bad at puzzle games and Catherine is really difficult for me, especially the bosses (I've never been able to get past the Bride). But I can absolutely see how the fast-paced nature of the game would lend itself to a competitive scene. Pretty cool to see such a niche title take off like that.

  19. There are 2 reasons why this video has so many views, one is because viewers like to watch Behind The Akshon, two is because of men enjoying women( not to say women might not)

  20. Him pronouncing Toph makes me suspect he's never watched Avatar the last Airbender

  21. I’m a simple man, I see a nice thumbnail on Ps now, I google it

  22. Why wasn’t the PC port mentioned at all? You can just use Parsec to play with others.

  23. a completive scene that revolves around cheeky and underhanded gameplay is way more nicer about congratulating the opposing player when they win than something like smash bros or league of legends… odd

  24. I think 2v2 version of this game would be wilddd

  25. As a Baltimorean who got into Catherine in 2015/16 during the rise of the local scene, the way you said "Mary-land" legit made me question if you were talking about us for a second haha

  26. All i can say is this game got the best steam wallpaper 😉

  27. Does this game still have it's competitive scene?

  28. absouletly amazingly made video! I recently just got into Catherine but I love it a lot and had no idea a competitive side to the game existed. It’s so cool and awesome to see the ideas and passion of people come to life and bring in so many new people not only to the competitive side of Catherine, but also to the whole game as well which I love<3 it’s so sweet also to see Atlus supporting a scene they never though would’ve existed as well

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