The Problem With Fighting Game DLC -

The Problem With Fighting Game DLC

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  1. Conspiracy theory but I think the hype for a dlc character can also be a reason for power creep. The devs see hype for a character and overtune it so the casual audience wont feel like they paid for a "bad" character. Take Leroy in tekken 7 as an example, he was most hyped up dlc, you'd see talks of him everywhere before release. Heck even T Pain did a cosplay. When he was released he was broken beyond belief. It was awful and even with patches he's still a bit of a problem. Basically a pay to win character thats super easy to play coz if he was actually balanced the casual audience would be disappointed that they cant win by pressing a button.

  2. youre not the only one who wants slayer… mabye one day

  3. Btw in Street Fighter IV's case, anything after Super Street Fighter IV came as paid DLC for a smaller price for the owners of SSFIV. That model was actually kinda neat since those updates came with the characters they wanted to add for a price like 15~20 dollars. I kinda miss that… kinda…

  4. I think there's also the prejudice thing. Like, no matter how bad the DLC character is, he can still be hated just for being DLC (i think it also has to do with lab, which is reasonable).

  5. I was once told there was a concpet along the lines of "brain, heart, and body" when it comes to describing fighting game players. Once I also watched a video on Brian and heart players… but not body players…

  6. If your morals allow you, just pirate the game to lab the DLC characters. Making them unplayable in training is something that's just unforgivable and also kinda stupid since you can't even try them out to see if you're interested in buying them or not.

  7. I genuinely enjoyed the humor in this video, it felt like it came from very personal frustration which is fun to look at from the outside.

  8. Over the years, i've noticed Power Creep is a universal thing across pretty much all games with updates. Hell, even tabletop RPGs like D&D5e and ESPECIALLY 3.5 have Power Creep. But I actually think that Power Creep is a little bit more than just "New character good, give money." There's a couple of reasons why it happens.

    One of the first reasons is due to expanding on a game's system. When a developer is making a game, they're in the process of still laying out the ground work for what it is. So naturally when the game is released, the developers can now make something new with the hindsight of how the game fully works. They can use that ground work and push what's possible now that they have the hindsight of the initial development. That's why new characters often have crazy systems and mechanics that base roster characters don't have.

    The second reason is appeal. Convincing people to buy a whole nother character for like 6 dollars a pop (or an entire seasons pass) Isn't always the easiest thing in the world(Unless your like a diehard fan, or a simp). When it comes to DLC, you really need to prove to people that the DLC is actually worth their time. How do you do that? Well, let's go back up to point 1. Developers can use the knowledge of the game to now make a character that breaks the boundaries of what we though was possible. This can add a whole new breath of life to the game as there's now a new character with new mechanics. That's shit's exciting! We get to see the game evolve right before our very eyes and we have new toys to play with. In a similar vain, sometimes it's better for a DLC character to be powerful to make people actually want to buy them. Who the fuck would wanna throw down 6-7 dollars for a character with the effectiveness of a wet sock? It would feel like a waste of money by that point.

    Overall, Power Creep is usually more of a byproduct of a game's lifespan, rather than a deliberate choice. I'm not saying that Power Creep isn't a problem. Trust me, there's still some pretty bad things that has come from Power Creep, but I also don't think it's the boogieman everyone says it is. There's been plenty of scenarios where a DLC character has Power Creep, but not to the point where it overshadows the rest of the cast. There's plenty of Fighting games (and just other games in general) where the base options are just a viable as they once were. Not to mention, there's moments where the DLC's creep causes the base characters to get buffs where they really need it. And sometimes Power Creep happens because the developers have been working on a product for so long that they just can't see the flaws anymore, even with testing. As long as Power Creep is kept somewhat under control, I don't mind it.

  9. The krypt in mk isn't like loot boxes. The krypt items are preset, in game currency only, and has been around for years before dlc became common.

  10. I kind of miss old model. Now we need to wait entire console generation to see what will happen in KOF story. 😭

  11. Plz never change the outro music, that would be like when swagkage lost his (damn copyright!!!), it really really hurt everything. Just like when naruto goes from a god tier outro or intro to a mid one, truly truly truly soul crushing imho

  12. The thing that makes me angry is when you look at the character selection screen and you have like 10 characters to play and 50+ dlc locked. The fact that to play a game that gets dlc day one I need to pay 130$ is insane. And Im not even talking about the dlcs being tied to your account so even if you buy the game physically, you can't even go to a friend house with the dlc. As a collector, seeing an enormeous part of the game being downloadable only and never preserved is really sad and just encourages pirating over buying one cd with everything on it. If at least they did a complete physical edition when everything is released and you just have everything on the disc (updates, dlc ect.) like with Xrd Rev 2 or under night in birth exe CL-R for a normal game price it would be more interesting. With the dlcs we get these days, it's like we are an infinite suply of money that keeps buying overpriced stuff that are not generally worth it.

  13. As a X avid Warframe Player I can say power creep is very real but manageable if your insane an like fun XD

  14. I paid for the Tekken frame Data, it was just more convinient than looking it up on the internet everytime. But making players do that was terrible

  15. Haven’t watch the video so I don’t know if you go into it but, DLC MUST start being free in training mode. With the FGC growing and more people getting into it, it’s needs to be a little more accessible for everyone. If you can’t lab a against a character and end up running into them in some sort of tourney. I’m sorry but if you don’t own them to lab against/play as, don’t take notes before hand, or sit down and learn with someone else (long sets for experience). Your fucked, and it’s not even on you.

  16. Honestly I don't mind physically expansion version because at least if the store of where you bought the dlc gets deleted you won't have to worry about lost media but I see how it can be annoying. I was one of the lucky view that got umvc3 for ps4 and chose to get that instead of infinite.

  17. Its also a problem that these games are still full priced while having the majority of the games roster be paid. Sfv is almost insulting, because you get like 16 characters as a base roster, some of which are incredibly niche picks like fang and necalli, while 29 characters, almost double the amount of base characters, are paid dlc. So if you dont pay up you arent experiencing about 2 thirds of the game

  18. For Honor by Ubisoft :
    New character is locked for 15 days if you are not Premium, then you can buy it for 15$
    New character is basically GOD for a months
    Then gets stomped to the ground with nerfs

  19. Smash 4 DLC and patches are probably one of the best examples of powercreep out there. Not only were most of the DLC characters horribly unbalanced and way stronger than most of the base roster, most of the top tier characters in said base roster were actually nerfed over time, making the gap in power between DLC and base roster even larger than normal.

  20. I often forget that NRS did skins that wy because I'm on PC and just used an unlocker. I have spent truly hundreds of hours playing dress up in that game. every character has like 70+ skins, and then 3 'gear slots' such as raiden's hat/staff/pendant. so that's a skin plus 3×50+ choices to modify that skin … and I played with every possible mix on every character. it was almost as fun as the actual game.

    uhhhhh I lost the point I wanted to make. oh yeah, sell me the skins I'll pay for em, just don't make me cross my fingers opening chests for hundreds of hours, I'll play something else.

  21. I would have been a Baiken main, if I didn't have to pay for her in nearly every damn game

  22. The next time I get zoned out by HC I'll just remember this isn't Tekken and be happy (no pun intended)

  23. 3:23 except SNK countered this by having multiple cartridge slots in their Neo Geo MVS. Wish you've actually mentioned that

  24. 9:30 I knew you were going to bring it up from these words 😮‍💨 pain.

  25. >"maintaining esports scene"
    >shows cs

  26. >"maintaining esports scene"
    >shows cs

  27. >"maintaining esports scene"
    >shows cs

  28. exact reason i cant get into fighting games my playstyle is unique and it changes daily or even hourly so i want to try a wide variety of characters but having to pay 7$ TO USEA CHARACTER IM GOING TO PLAY 5 TIMES TOTAL IS DUMB

  29. the problem is that I have to buy two volumes of the OST

  30. How to Lab Out DLC Characters – Find DLC owners on Discord who want to lab out their character.

    Not to mention that if you don't get DLC Characters, you still get to play against them in Arcade Mode or Online, which still has value.

    These aren't perfect rebuttals, but anyone who is actively playing, enjoying, or competing in any game for a while after launch, $15-20 isn't a huge ask. For single player titles, I usually wait for the "GOTY" version and just get everything for the same cost as launch(which is also what FGs do).

    It'll be interesting to see what DLC prices will look like if major franchises did a "base game F2P" model.

  31. This is kinda dumb. The more expensive games become to make then it obviously makes sense to charge for further content and patches.

  32. 10:31 does this guy actually play strive? edit. ok you correct yourself

  33. Even though DLC practices are a problem nowadays, some games at least try to give players some kind of deal (good or bad). With Fighting games, there is no deal. They are 60$, with FOMO (Season passes) and technically P2W…

  34. 11:54 I'm telling every one. If you are planning on buying a fg just to play with friends do not do that

  35. 11:33 Can't wait for someone to pull this out of context in order to make a meme.

  36. I strongly prefer dlc characters to paid skins. If you are going to ask me to spend money on a digital item it better actually do something.

  37. i mostly hate the inevitability of it all like when someone openly disliked the sf6 leak roster so someone else said something along the line of "it'll be expanded by dlc releases" it feels like starter rosters are just made with dlc like with fighterz

  38. At the very least I hope they make it so the characters of previous seasons are available in training mode.

  39. I love your punchline endings, though this is a new one

  40. New guns/maps are not paid DLC on shooters. Characters and system mechanics shouldn't be paid DLC in fighting games. Matter of fact, no gameplay-related content update should be pay-walled to strong-arm people into buying it in a game that's meant to be played and supported for years. Instead, give me cool skins, announcers, or nostalgia OST jukebox. Play with my feelings and make me think that I want it and not that I need it.
    But that's only true if you want to make a competitive game (a real one like league, dota, Fortnite, CS: GO, etc), pull as many people in as you can with big price pools and hundreds of thousands of people watching your events, and basically make all the money in the world.
    Fighting games are happy pulling 1k concurrent players, paying pennies to their pro players/commentators, and milking their fans whenever they can with "must-have" DLC, and I don't see that changing any time soon because we keep letting them get away with it.

  41. I want to get into strive, but the pricepoint of getting everything is just not realistic for me and I think a lot of prospective buyers are in the same boat with me. this could be preventing the game from getting bigger because the price of the game is 60, then season 1 is 30, then season 2 is probably going to be 30 as well making the price of the game be with everything be 120 plus future seasons. one way they could get new players in would be decreasing the price of the base game and when the new season comes out, decrease the price of the past season. without any changes the game is going to end up with less and less players over time.

  42. Bro the tekken frame data comment had me dying.

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